My disabled Ssbbw wife

I was always attracted by ssbbw's but beside that i have thing for women with diformities, amputations, wheelchair users, shortlegged, etc. 8 years ago I bumped on a girl like that on a clinic, where i go to, because i have varicose veins. She can walk, but she is having a short leg, with a built up shoe, and she is using crutches. Beside that, she is very pretty, a face to die for, she looks alike with Eva Mendes, and of course her shape is ....... pearshape. Weighting easily over 180 kg's she seemed very happy with her weight, had no problem in showing her gigantic ass and thighs, covered in leggings and of course her flabby belly and t***, in a tank top. She was hopping very heavy due to her weight, and on her way out i saw that she was using an wheelchair. Of course my d*** was hard like an iron, and her appearance totally f***** me up. I was out of my world, and fast as lightning i was in touch with her. She seemed a little bit confused, but we made aqquintance and talked at the hospital cafeteria for two ours. Right from the start something was magnetic between us. I founded out that she weighted 165 kg's and she was a feedee, but never talked with anyone about it. Her condion never made me feel worst or ashamed, so after a year we made our wedding. I was happy that she gained another 60 kg's meanwhile. S** with her is incredible... She always tells me that she wants to get fatter, that her huge legs covered in cellulite and her belly reaching her knees will forever groe and it makes me go wild. And that shortleg.... it is shorter with 15 cm than the other, so the leg is way fatter than the other. She is not wearing her raised up shoe anymore, because her ankles are now invisible, and it is not fitting anymore. She is using a mobility scooter and that tiny chair makes her butt to overflow from the sides. She is my dream cometrue, i love her very much and I am very proud when we go out. She recently told me that she wants to become immobile, and she wants to pass over 300 kg's.


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  • My wife also wants to become immobile. I've loved watching her pile more & more kg's, she's currently 272kg's and still gaining.

  • Just keep fattening her, my wife is almost 300kgs & it's amazing

  • I think she sounds sexy and you should be happy that she loves the thought of being bigger and sexier with more cellulite and larger belly.

  • To each their own?

  • My gorgeous wife has grown to 412 pounds from the 190 or so when we got married 11 years ago. No deformities but doesn't like to do anything. She just lays around, eats, and watches TV. I am glad you have found your gal.

  • I bet you are liking that 412lbs

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