Long time affair

I've been cheating on my wife for 10 years now with the same person. I am the executive chef for a good restaurant. My lover is the front of house manager. We started having s** a year before I got married to my wife. He was the best man at my wedding and he and I had s** during my bachelor party. We attend meetings 2-3 times a year for menu changes and that puts us in a hotel room for a couple days. Wife only wants s** once a week. Brad and I have s** probably 2-3 times a week.

Jul 7, 2017

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  • I've cheated on my husband for 5 years. My lover is my son, who is 18 now.

  • I hope this is a joke.
    If not, Please get help

  • In also married and have had a number of boyfriend's, I'm 62 and my wife is 55. She is a good wife but isn't very sexual. 10yrs ago I was at a conference and met a younger man and after some drinks we ended up I his room and he kissed me, I felt his hard c*** against me and in no time we were naked and I f***** him and sucked each others c****, I really enjoyed that night.
    I have had my latest boyfriend for ,5yrs and f*** him twice a week he's 45 and fit but he is starting to get to dependant and wants me to leave my wife as he is gay and doesn't like that I'm bi. Do I now f*** him roughly and will soon have to replace him

  • Your wife being non-sexual, has nothing to do with you being a closet gay or bi and f****** men. It seems like you're using your wife as an excuse, to not only cheat, but cheat with men.

    You should discuss your feelings and sexuality with your wife, you're meant to be life partners, after all - aren't you?

    Don't justify your cheating ways, because they're cowardly and unjustifiable. Stop being in denial and face the truth about yourself, you're obviously more gay than straight and love d*** more than p****. So stop using your wife as a scapegoat, because a coward only does that, not a decent person.

    Good luck

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