I'm sorry.

I love my son, he's not even a year yet, but I don't love being a mom.

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  • Wait until he's old enough to shaft you. His bone-hard rod will drive you wild. He'll ram you hard 3 or four times in one session, and you'll be sore but contented for days.

  • Is that what happened to you?

  • I hate it too. Mine is three now, but is such a pain in the rear to deal with. I'm 23 and I feel like my life is over, with this ball and chain attached to me.

  • It's too late to regret anything and put too much focus on the past. Your child is here now and it wasn't your child's decision to be born, you made that choice. Your child is innocent. Find a way to deal with your emotions and try to be the best mother you can be to your child, if you aren't already. Nourish, love, guide, nurture and support your child, so they can grow up to become upstanding, beautiful and loving. That's all you can do.

  • Let me guess.. you're a single mom?

  • Why ask that?

  • Context, imbecile.

  • No he's suckerfish

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