Still closeted

It doesn't hit me all that often, but sometimes I get h**** for something I know my wife can't provide: d***. So I go out to a divey little gay bar in the next town over from us and allow myself to get picked up by a young gay man. If he has a place available, we go there. If not, we get a motel room. Either way, we f*** like animals, until neither of us can move. If pressed, I would admit that I love s** with a young man more than s** with any woman. I just love that young meat. Damn!



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  • Have you ever considered killing yourself? At least try it twice.

  • I am a married man but I love going out on occasion and getting some d*** in me......

  • I'm a straight guy who is crazy in love with a lesbian lady who is incredibly beautiful. I keep having dreams about her. I'm in love with her. I told her I was in love with her. I don't know what else too do.

  • What did she say in reply?

  • I get the same longings. It usually happens a 2-3 times a month, and I go find a way to get the relief I need. Like you, I find it most often in the beds of very young men. They really are delicious.

  • Thanks for sharing that. I can feel your desires, and can almost taste it. Your young men are so very lucky to have you in their lives. Please do continue to enjoy them. All of them.

  • Hope you wind up with AIDS.

  • Fuck off
    post in the adult section you p****
    you disgusting animals make me sick

  • You aren't really disgusted. I know that about you. You're just denying your own feelings. You want a man. You want to be owned by a man. You want a man to love you. You want a man in you. In fact, you want lots of men to come and get in you. You know it. You know it's what you want, it's what you need, it's what you love. Disgusted? No, no, darling. You aren't disgusted: you're aroused. You have a massive erection right this minute. If you aren't already cruising the gay bars looking for meat and for love, you soon will be. You know it. YOU KNOW IT.

  • Why do you molest children and brag about it later?

  • Stop deflecting and transferring your own secret desires/perversions, onto other people! It's sick!

  • Denial doesn't work for you. Leave the kids alone!!!

  • Denial doesn't work for you! Therapy is required. Seek it and seek god's forgiveness aswell.

  • How many children have you strangled and buried on your property?
    2 dozen? 3 dozen??

  • You're disturbed to even think, let alone ask those sort of questions! I've reported you Stephen, yes I know your name! You often accuse people of paedophilia and murder, when it's you that's sociopathic and psychotic! Stop it Stephen, before it's too late!

  • Each to their own

  • I don't go to bars, but I do use a4a. Same boat as you. I get h**** and just don't wanna deal with the bullshit my wife wants to "get in the mood". Plus my wife obviously doesn't have a c*** that I can suck.

  • I hear you, friend. Oh, how I hear you. Even when the wife is willing to give it up, there are so many prerequisites to the act (they would take too long to list but here's a sample: temperature in the room, freshly-made bed, what time she has to work the next day, special type of wine, etc., etc., etc.). I can't stand it. Sometimes, I just want to f***. The young guys I meet NEVER establish conditions: they just want to f***. Because of work, charitable and church involvements, I can't come out just yet, but I can go get some c***. I don't know about a4a, but I'll have to look into that. Have you had good success with it? Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts.

  • Leave that 9 year old boy alone! SICKO

  • Stop mentioning children! Because it highlights your perversion towards them!

  • Stop molesting children and then acting as if it is normal!!

  • Wrong person

  • Quit lying.

  • Wrong again

  • Of course it's normal. Who are you to say what is "normal"?

  • Wrong person!

  • Go away, creep!

  • Wrong again.Stop leaving comments and answering them in a different persona to fool others, we know it's you Stephen Cooke!

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