How young is to young

If u r in love u r older like 25 to 35 something like that . How young is to young to have s** with u . Not what the law said but for real.



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  • If I was 35 I wouldn't want to mess with a 21 year old. Because they still got a lot of stuff to learn. ...idk once you get passed a certain point there is less commonality and people are in it for different reasons. Think why is a 35 year old trying to get with a younger woman? Because the woman his age km now better than to mess around with him
    ...people who seek younger can't find someone there own age, is a concern for both....both of them got issues they need to address internally . temple of God is within If you don't go within , you go without

  • Just make it legal.

    If she or he is legal age the difference after that doesn’t matter.

    I’m 48 and I love teaching young men how to treat a lady. I also love giving them their first real bj. Those young girls don’t have enough experience to make those young studs c** so hard. I always keep sucking them off past e**********. It drives them nuts. As all those little girls do is get them off.

    You need to show appreciation to get appreciation

  • You Pedo's are sick but I have some free lead for and I won't charge to inject it in to your head! So come and get some

  • Try it out on your self to see if it works

  • If you are a pedo then kill yourself and save child from a brutal life

  • You should try it first so we can see what u have in mind

  • Free lead for pedo's Legal law abiding citizens need not to apply.

  • U should try out your lead yourself to make sure it works

  • I'm going to f*** my 10 year old neice

  • Go slowly with her at first

  • My neice is 10 😉♥️

  • Pedo's are sick and need some lead

  • That's f****** sexy how duse she like it

  • It they are not legal age they are too young period.

  • So u do as your told I hope there is a new law telling u to jump of a cliff

  • No I think the law is too low should be 21. And even then I don't want s** with them they still have a childish mind and I can't handle that.

  • Your dad must have f****** in a Garfield mask

  • I have no idea what that means you are a sickfucking pedo and you need to die. thats how you get you message thru without being censored.

  • My friend used to have s** with his Aunt. She was hot!

  • Puberty should be the deciding factor not age

  • Puberty should be the deciding factor not age.

  • Oops sorry.

  • Youngest i've managed to get so far is 11.

  • Sick pedo

  • Youngest for me so far was 8

  • Even more sick pedo get some lead

  • I would say 16 which is the legal age of consent in my country.

  • 18. Dumbass

  • Y because u can make a decision for your self so u go with what every one said

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