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I know someone who's been struggling with their marriage life right now. They have two kids, but the wife is manipulating. I can't believe she's been taking him for granted. He has majority of patience for her, but some people don't learn lessons easily. One day, he'll be gone and she's going to regret for the rest of her life. She doesn't know how lucky she is to have him in her life. Since we're relatives I can't say much, I can only observe and see them suffer. Just because I'm not told anything doesn't mean I don't know anything. I just know she's going to regret this attitude of hers for the rest of her life. She doesn't know how much he's been hurt with her dominating and redundant complaints about him making decisions. He's not telling her anything, but I just know everything. I wanted to interfere, but what's the point? Some people won't change until life teaches them harsh lessons. I hope their marriage works out. In fact, he's supported by many people, including myself. I'm not saying the wife is a bad person, she is a good person, but she doesn't realize how her behavior is affecting him emotionally. He's treating her behavior with silence. I still can't believe she doesn't see it or doesn't want to see it. If he wants he can cheat on her, but he really loves her. It breaks my heart to see one of my relatives being treated unfairly. If I ever get the chance to tell his wife, it would be that if he ever cheats on her, it is going to be her fault because he's doing everything to make the marriage work and all she does it complain.

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  • My brother in law is in the same situation except he has 6 kids and another on the way. He recently lost his good paying job & he's waited too long to buy a home, that he's over paying for.! And his wife is slowly going psychologically to rot! Oh and he has no savings 6 kids another in the oven he's living off his 401k because the times he was working making money his wife would spend the money on over expensive things nails hair any over priced item on the shelf she'd buy. Oh and did I say she totaled 3 cars he got her in car accidents for DWI. Oh and she drives those constantly they only have one car now since the other was my In laws work company truck

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  • I'm sorry to hear about your brother's situation. He's doing too much. His wife needs to consult a specialist, and your brother needs to obtain financial resources or at least apply for stamp foods and government will pay monthly for his children since he has no job. Please do support him and let him know that he has help. He's in the situation to lose faith, don't let it happen. Also, don't waste your time venting on his wife. I understand she's been completely careless and irresponsible, but that's not what's important. Action is what important. So, ACT NOW !

  • I thought my life was bad! Sorry for your brother, but the best thing he could do for his children and himself is document, demand serious rehab, and if she refuses divorce

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  • I was married to a raging alcoholic, and put up with it too long. While I never cheated on her, yeah, I did keep a decent amount of female friends and company. We all have needs, including positive interaction and relationships. I had a very close friend and business partner (most people in our business group thought we were a couple and just not saying it) that I spent tons of time with, making the perfect umbrella excuse for my ex-wife's disappearing acts to go booze herself into a stupor.

    Laying the groundwork? Yes. I started doing things around the house like I wanted them, in the inevitable event of her either leaving on her own or my kicking her out. Re-did the drawers, started buying only food I liked, went out on my own and had my own group of friends...Basically starting my life by myself while she was still living in my house.

    H***, my first, post-her "date" happened 4 days before she moved out. Took a beautiful woman for dinner, then drinks at a high-end place, had what I still call the best first date in first date history, and came home on cloud 9. No s** that night, but for the first time in years, I was happy and another woman made me that way.

  • What matters the most if your happiness. I'm happy for you. (:

  • Hmm happiness relative term

  • I'm still in such a relationship. It's so demoralising.

    Last night's example- I've got the flu and so do a couple of the kids. One healthy kid and wife are going out to dinner at a friend's house. I have a phone conversation with my wife who's also in her car and say that I will do dinner for all of the sick ones and she should walk her dog before going out to the dinner party. I get home and crash on the couch. She comes home and I can hear her banging around in the kitchen. I ask what she's doing - cooking dinner for us before she goes out. WTF we just had that conversation 15 minutes ago. I'm ordering Indian. She just totally does not listen. She has her pan

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  • What needs to be demolished?

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  • It's really hard to watch anyone in a bad relationship. But you never truly know what's happening in any marriage, only they do. There are reasons why people act the way they do. You say she's dominating or nagging and either it's a reaction to how he is or she could just be like that. And he shows her silence..which may infuriate her even more. Who knows.. without knowing the couple or really seeing it in action, it's hard to say. All you can do is support your friend as you have been doing. Maybe suggest counseling as something they could look into, it couldn't hurt. Maybe even offer to watch the kids and give them an opportunity to plan a date night. Interfering is risky because they may not find it constructive and feel offended or that your crossing a line. It would be one thing if you witnessed the children being abused or if there is abuse. But couples have issues and some can be fixed and others cannot. It will be up to them to really work out their differences and hope that they can.

  • There is no abuse when it comes to kids. However, the wife is dominating. I mean, she's never satisfied with his decisions. She's always pointing at him even if he wants to stay at his friend's house.

  • It took me 10 years of misery to leave a wife such as this. I was mentally broken by the time I did. Best thing I ever did was divorce her and get away from someone that was toxic to me.

  • I hear you mate. I'm still in mine.

  • I'm glad you took the decision. I'm sure you're proud of yourself and so am I. (:

  • I know you're in a difficult situation, nearly impossible. Unfortunately, you CANNOT say anything, because then, whatever happens, will be made to be your fault. That doesn't make any sense, I admit, but it's true: people will find someone else to blame so they don't have to accept blame themselves. You need to remain on the sidelines, being supportive and being kind to both of them.

  • I disagree. At least sit and have a conversation with him. Let him know he's human

  • He's been close to my father and have shared all his worries with him. Even he feels sorry for his friend. I've seen him getting emotional and angry for him. I'm a woman, and to be frankly speaking, I would never do such thing to anyone. Whether its a male or a female, but this emotional maltreatment needs to stop. The only issue here is, his love is so blind that he can't even seem to tell her that her behavior is emotionally destroying him with a confrontation. I want the best for him. As a woman, I can talk to him, but as his friend's daughter, I can't. I don't have the right to. I'm going to get in trouble for that.

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