I really do want it.

I want to be taken "against my will" by multiple men. Pinned down and forced to accept load after load, delivered by the erect members of strangers. I want them to shove themselves in my mouth, in my p****. I want them to choke me, call me dirty names, and then fill me up with their cream one after the other after the other before leaving me to find my way back to reality.

I am married. I love my husband. If not strangers, I can settle for associates. I want him to get drunk and lose his judgement with his friends one day so I can walk by in something a little too low cut, a bit too revealing, maybe too tight and set them off. Make them come after me. Make them push me against the wall, hold me down, take turns... Or not. I can serve three at once in a pinch, I suppose. He's too sweet, and would likely never go for taking me by force, even if it was a game. But I need someone to put me in my place, take my power and make me their toy. Preferably, multiple someones.

I am faithful. I feel a bit sick for wanting this. There are millions of traumatized women who likely think I'm a monster. I considered making a post on an adult site where I could provide my work location, hours and "best time to kidnap" to a prescreened group of young, hard and energetic men of multiple races to fill me full of strange c*** and c** - but that's too unsafe. I don't have a death wish, but f***, I NEED to be pinned down.


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  • Well, it happened. I got my wish. Five of my husband's friends and some guy he met at a bar. They ran a train on me and wouldn't stop even after it wasn't fun anymore and I was starting to get sore. The guy from the bar got overheated and started slapping me in ways I didn't like. It burns when I pee now, and I might be pregnant from someone besides my husband. God, I hope it isn't Bar Guy's!

    So girls, be careful what you wish for. Reality is very different from fantasy, and it's never as sweet as when you're dreaming about it.

  • I will pin you down. Amasterdaddy at yahoo

  • Get up with me. I will pin you down. And stop taking,birth control. Amasterdaddy at yahoo

  • This website is bad for my eyes but I love peeping everytime😍
    I'm 17

  • I'm a mature dominant bi woman, would you be interested in lesbian s**

  • Talk to your husband. That's the only way to get through this, however you do, without guilt or possibly ruining your marriage or at least forsaking your vows. If he loves you and wants you to be happy you two will figure out a way to make it happen.

  • I know that feeling all to well. and then it happened and it changed the way i had thought at the time now it's a never ending feeling. now i lokk at all males with that in mind. i have even become an exhib. because of this mind set. i'm so glad you have told us your feelings now i know i'm not the only one with these strong desires.

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