Love shaving my package and wearing soft undies

I started shaving my package a few years ago from above my shaft and all the way back and I love it. All my smooth bare skin is so sensitive and every move I make is a caress. Now I wear soft silky briefs or panties that cradle and glide against my body, and it's incredibly erotic. Sometimes I just have to lay back and touch myself softly until I"m aching with desire. I started with just some trimming down there but once I began shaving the twins and then the taint, I just had to shave it all. I keep a tuft up front because I love the hair, but being bare downstairs is blissful.

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  • So you are hung like a stud field mouse.

  • Thick but otherwise average.

  • But almost as big as a rat huh.

  • Uh, not quite an average cucumber.

  • A baby cucumber, you know that 3mm is below average right?

  • Same here, panties 24/7

  • Yeah such a sublime sensation.

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