Pinned by women

I like being pinned by women ever since being pinned for 30 mins when younger. Do any women out there like pinning?

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  • Okay, so im kinda a virgin yeah, like no experience at all, neither with men or women. But thinking about it now..Maybe pinning someone down kinda turns me on, it'll be awkward as f*** but I think being the dominant one would be nice...But I don't think I'll have enough confidence to do that, not yet.Kisses.Adriana

  • I love a woman tying me to the bed, then teasing me, stroking my d*** so slowly then letting go when I c**. One ex gf loved tying me up, would leave me tied up while she would pop to the shops quickly. One time her mom found me wearing just a ball gag, wrists and ankles tied to the corners of the bed whilst I had my best erection and a vibrator buzzing in my ass. To my embarrassment she saw me dribble my load out as she stood there in shock. My ex loved it when she found out. Awkward as f*** after that with her mom!

  • Like with a needle? have no idea what you talking about. I was ugly from a young age so never did this "pinning" as you put it. how does it work?

  • Sat on and wrists pinned

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