Breaking hearts

I'm sorry, but whatever I'm doing is for the best. All these white lies are for the best.

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  • I love it when some pompous fool thinks they know what's best without bothering to consult the other person. Nothing else says "frightened control freak" quite like what you're doing.

  • I'm sure this is true. You're doing what's best FOR YOU. Everyone does that. You aren't any more noble.

  • Inaccurate

  • I'm doing this because it's best for both of the parties. I don't just think about myself just like you do. (:

  • What a lovely rationalization: "both of the parties". That must be quite comforting.

  • I've got better things to do. Thanks for the comment though.

  • LOL! You have better things to do? That's hilarious! Thanks for the laugh!

  • You obviously haven't got, better things to do either, punk!

  • No problem! I'm always here to make others happy. :D

  • ...........dickmouth....

  • What are you again lol

  • Tell it to Jesus

  • 'sup, this is Jesus. How y'all doin?

    OP, if you're gonna be vague and then get into an argie with a commenter, isn't that kinda creating drama? Doesn't do much for your "I'm so noble and giving" narrative. Come on, we've discussed this. Remember when we had lunch at the brewery? And people think I only drink wine. Sh'yah! A good IPA on a hot day is dope, son.

    Be excellent to each other. Party on, dudes!

  • Old wine packaging new

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