Am I that bad?

Well, I'm 22 and I'm Brazilian. I have a friend who moved to another state and we talk to each other through the internet almost every day... A few months ago, our conversations started 2 get very spicy and now we even make some webcam private shows for each other... He makes me go crazy! He's very hot and he is a musician. I love musicians! We want to meet each other for some live action and I think that's awesome, but there's a problem, I have a fiance! I like him and all and I wanna be with him I just don't think I wanna get married now. I don't wanna leave him, this thing with my friend is just an adventure. I know that I shouldn't be doing this with him, but I cannot stop what I'm doing. Am I crazy? A b****? I don't know what to do!!! I'm freakin' out!!!

Feb 13, 2013

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  • If you enjoy chatting with your friends that's because your relationship is not "spice", that's the reason you look for the "spiciness" in your "friend", You don't deserve being with someone you don't truly love.

  • It's interesting that in your post you say "I have a fiance! I like him and all..." Like? not Love? Intentional or not, that's a pretty key distinction. You're clearly not ready to get married. That's honest. Maybe you need to sow some oats and live life a bit before settling down. Contacting this friend of yours, you're carrying on an affair even if you haven't slept with him. There's an investment there. Do your fiance a favor and break up with him, because you owe him that. You need to figure out somethings. Like are you afraid to be alone? When do you forsee being ready to settle down? What if the tables were turned and your fiance was toying with an "adventure" of his own, would you be okay with that? People can give you all kinds of advice. In the end, you have to deal with the consequences of your decisions. So just make the best one that doesn't hurt anyone.

  • If you dont love your fiance you should tell him because your relationship will end up soon no matter what, this is for sure, maybe you can deal to not have anything with this musician but in future another musician may appear which will be better so, if you dont want to make yourself a b**** tell the truth and let him decide, or there is another option you may have fun and do anything you want, but if you are normal, good girl you wont do that, but its your decision having everything at the same time and be a w****, or having your fiance or your musician(not together) and be normal and clear

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