Hubby gave me permission 2

Hubby asked me if we could give his friend a 50th birthday party and I agreed, everyone had a good time and when everyone had left hubby wispered to me, give him a birthday present, f*** him.
I went into the lounge and missed him I could feel his hard c*** and he felt my fat t***. He stripped me and f***** me over the coffee table as hubby watched. I took him to bed and f***** again. Next morning i was on top of him raiding his fat c*** and hubby came in with a bottle of Champaign

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  • I'm 62 with a fat 8in c***. My wife passed way last year, she was a s*** but I loved her and her coming home after being used by other men. I'd love to f*** you, is that possible?

  • I'd like to fill your tailpipe with real Man Meat!

  • Oh darling you can, you are older than my Norma f*** but I like the fact that you loved your s*** wife and you have an impressive c***. If you live in the UK west mids then we can f***, hubby wants to watch

  • I'm in Birmingham and would love to f*** you as 6our husband watched

  • Well you lucky b****** in Birmingham to, we re can we meet

  • The council house 7pm Friday

  • Hubby will meet you

  • Thank you both. Loved f****** you Jane and martin is a gentleman made me welcome. The s** was great for me and your t*** and hairy count are to die for

  • Meet me again this Friday. I want your fat c*** again. Hubby was impressed as he watch you f*** me and want to lick me clean when you have f***** me. I want him to take it to the next level and suck your c*** clean, he has agreed as he was excited seeing your s**** running out of my count and your c*** covered in s**** and my count juice

  • Wow what a night, I love f****** you but Martin licking your spunky c*** was wonderful and then sucking my c*** hard again was fantastic. I've never though of s** with another man but want to try f****** him.

  • Yeah, I'm just not seeing the writer as a woman. Sorry it's fake.

  • Just like you

  • Awww, did someone get their little feelings hurt cause I called out a fake story?

  • W*****

  • GFY, Dullard

  • The married ones are the worst at this stuff over single people too.

  • No, I would think there are dirty bastards out their who want to see their wives f****** other man beast things, some want b********* as well. none of this shocks me. what married people do these days with pets and friends and relatives and goats and kids makes me sick. nothing wholesome about being married anymore. marriage won't save you from discredited name or morals now days.

  • What the f*** are you talking about you idiot. I like c*** and my lovely hubby likes me to get it. I f***** his friend not a pet.
    I bet you would love to f*** my juicey p**** and sunk deep into me and me to suck your stinky c*** but your more likely to have your dad and uncle's f*** you up the area you sissy b****

  • I am betting you are a teen boy who has never even seen a real pair of breast.

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