Why do no girls like me?

I am 12 and live in Philadelphia at my school no girls like me, at my school only jocks get girlfriends not guys with glasses or nerds like me why do they not like me?

Aug 5, 2017

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  • Haha. Wait till you get older. Twenty plus tables turn!

  • They don't like you because you are such a little b****. Stop being such a little b**** and they will like you.

  • It's all right. I am a nerd and a geek and a mommas boy too. There is no shame in growing up a Nerd.
    Blame your parents and family.
    I blame them for making me a Nerd.

  • I hear you. I was one of those middle of the group kids. I got on well with everyone but could never get what I considered a reasonable girl friend or I would get some really weird immature girl hang around wanting to be my gf.

    Now as a father I watch my kids and their school mates. Some including my kids have no trouble getting girl friends (must be their mom's genes) but I see some kids who seem perfectly normal. They play together and hang out together but for some reason these other kids can't get opposite s** special friends. Sometimes I feel like getting the lonely boy and the lonely girl and shoving them together and telling them just kiss and hold hands.

    But no matter how much I watch, I can not for the life of me work out why some kids have got "it" and some do not.

  • Focus on enjoying your youth and applying yourself within your education. Relationships can wait, don't rush your teenage years, in order to become an adult before you're ready to - you'll regret it.

    Now get off this website, as it's unsuitable and inappropriate for someone your age. You may encounter individuals with creepy, strange, perverse and destructive agenda's towards you.

  • Get off this website, you're too young and impressionable to weirdos!

    Get dome advice from legitimate support/advice websites and vlogs.

  • Go out with a nerd who wears glasses. In the long run they make the most loyal husbands and boyfriends anyway. Just be friendly and be yourself.

  • The op likes girls

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