I was seduced by a 25 year old girl when i was 14

A couple years ago when i was 14 my sisters friends would come over a lot. They would get drunk high and have a good time and this girl ,"Ashley " just making up a name but she was a blonde white girl with a almost perfect hour glass figure ... She knew i secretly liked her. I would get caught looking at her A$$ and She would smirk, it was like she was setting me up. She would walk in front of me on purpose trapping me in her l***. So one day i got "lucky" it was just Ashley and my sister at the house, I was in the backyard, it was like 11:50 pm and my sister knocked out, so Ashley started chilling with me in the backyard on the trampoline . And out of no where shes like, "i know you wanna feel my A$$" with her flirty voice. I was embarrassed and blushing at the same time, I was like, "why do you say that" with my nervous self.. i was so guilty. So she took my hand and made me feel it, she was wearing jean shorts and she said "because you like it naughty boy" i was just quiet feeling it...... it was my first time feeling a girl like this. now it gets really naughty.. she gets closer to me and says "you want me to show you something" while she starts softly touching and pulling my shorts down. I didnt say nothing im just on the ride now.. this really, really sexy ride. she starts teasing me, kissing and licking around my 14/10 hard C#ck. she was a freak.. and i loved it, she finally starting sucking me. It all lasted in 3 mins, she was looking in my eyes/soul and she made me do it all on her face, after she said "this is what happens and you look at a naughty girls A$$" while she was stroking me.....

thank you for reading if you wanna hear more true storys about me and "Ashley" please comment on what you think


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  • Id like to hearmore

  • The fact this person does not even know that the word "I" is capitalized , tells me he is under the age of 14. Bullshit story.

  • Ashley is a tranny. Correct?

  • Since when is the word "No Where" 2 words? Also, uses double negatives. This is an uneducated, illiterate 4th grader.

  • 14/10? More like 1/2!!!!

  • F*** it, I'll hear more.

  • Dumbass

  • Nice fantasy

  • I know right, this was his fantasy. In real life she was like p*** off ya lil ingrate!

  • Thanks but its a true story

  • Liar!

  • 14/10?

  • Lol i was trying to say i was the h@rdest ive ever been .. if you know what i mean

  • 2" erect, I'll bet.

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