Can't bare

I can't stand people who think they can get anyone and anything.



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  • Yeah it's true with either s e x

  • It's the law of attraction sadly in today's world that is how to accomplish things

  • There's a difference between:

    1) being vain/arrogant regarding how we attain our dreams and build relationships - 2) Having positive confidence within oneself to accomplish anything in our lives and building positive relationships with people we desire/want to connect with.

  • It's not about law of attraction. I'm talking about those who have money and looks, but think they can get any person in their bed just with those traits. I'm clueless over this world. It's whatever though.

  • There's always going to be individuals like you've described, that use their beauty and financial status to sleep with someone. However, that doesn't mean everyone whose beautiful and rich are shallow like this. Everyone is different.

    Why are you so concerned about this? Has someone beautiful and rich deceived you into sleeping with them, just to solely add you to their list of conquests? Or do you personally know some people that have experienced this?

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