I like older white men

I'm 13 and I'm attracted to older 'white' men. Not super old. Just 30 or younger. I suppose I know where this attraction started from. I've always lived in diverse neighborhoods. Not many black people around. Hardly any at all. So I grew attracted to what I'm most around.
I want him to like me as well. I want to massage his back. Run my fingers through his hair. And get him a beer. Cuddle on the couch and watch tv. Cater to him. I want him to be attractive of course. I want him to want me for me. Not just for sexual intercourse. (I'm a virgin).

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  • And we all love girls your age......................................NOT! Go back to your video games.

  • I call b.s.

  • This website is better than Candid lol

  • Stupid. Ridiculous. So not 13.

  • More like 50, (not going on 13, more like pretending to be 13)

  • Not real.

  • #fakenews #not13 #trollbait #biteme #wasteoftime

  • Get oof this website, you're too young to be on it!! Some people are disturbing, dysfunctional and disgusting that visit this website, you could be a target of grooming etc. So get off and don't return until you're 18 at least!

  • It's just a crush, dear. Don't allow yourself to become serious about this.

  • True. So true.

  • Kids your age often are attracted to older men. I used to play cards with my neighbor's daughter and unbeknownst to me, she wanted me to marry her when she was old enough. That didn't happen of course and I had to sit down and talk to her. She is married to a fine much younger man now.

  • I want to rail you hard. You sound super sexy.

  • The op is a child, for fycksake!

  • Trolling for idiots.op is fake.

  • Stupid.

  • It's normal.

  • Totally. Don't get too wrapped up in it, and don't act on it.

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