There is no logic to it - the concept of God!

I confess that I do ot believe there is a GOD. The very concept is just superstitious nonsense to me, hypocritical and self serving.

eg: The commandments say - "Thou shalt not kill."

Wht then is one of the last people to speak to soldiers before they go into battle the priest who blesses them and tells them to go and kill the other por b***** before he gets you?? All in God's name?????
What a purile crock of crap.

Next you'll tell me the earth is flat???

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  • Christianity is a mental condition that can be cured.

  • Your english translation is a mockery of the true writings, which were bunk anyways. Many of the christian holidays are attempts to strangle out the beliefs of other cultural and religious movements.

    Here is a history refresher.330 BC Aristotle provides evidence of spherical earth. 240 BC Eratosthenes of Cyrene accurately calculates circumference of globe. Knowledge isnt always passed on through the generations, or is revised to the writers needs. So.. it was a globe, period.

  • Yes, but it's more of a blatant refusal to look at it. Virtually ALL christians have never even read the bible. They just accept what the preacher says as god's truth. To look at something they know is anti-religious, is just blasphemous to them.
    If they ever DO read the bible, they might (JUST might) really see how rediculous it is.

  • ^ GREAT post! The problem is, those morons only see logic and common sense as a product of the devil.

  • The bible clearly states (numerous times) that from varying peaks "alll of the world's nations" can be seen.
    An impossibility on a sphere.
    It also clearly states that the earth has four corners.
    Another impossibility on a sphere.

    Obviously a crock of s***.
    Please check YOUR resources before you run your mouth.

  • ^**round not flat i meant***

  • The bible actually says the earth is round...then whoever it was that discovered earth to be flat LATER discovered it after the bible was written. Get your resources checked beforehand.

  • Jesus saves! ... passes to Moses, Moses shoots...
    HE SCORES! ! !

  • There isn't any logic involved in religion. You have to put aside ALL reason and logic to believe in it. And the bible does say the earth is flat, so yes, it's a crock of s***.

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