Suicide Thoughts

My mom hates me. Like, she REALLY hates me. She doesn't even try to hide it. She doesn't care if I eat or sleep, she only cares if I have washed the dishes or if I have 100% in all my classes. She's not even my step-mom or anything. She's my biological mother who really doesn't give a s*** about me. She's the head of the household, so because she hates my guts, EVERYBODY in my family hates me too. I'm all alone in my own house. My parents yell at me when I start crying, so I can't do that either. My confession is that I thought about killing myself for the very first time in my life today.

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  • But I thought humans can never know what 'real' love is like unless they birth themselves a baby! OMG, you mean stupid breeders have either been lying or are themselves delusional all along? Shocking!!!

  • I've felt the exact same but hang in there

  • Just seeing this post honey and how old are you. I realy hope you have a good friend or somebody too talk to. Your realy special and people do care sweetie. Me for one hun. Hugs xxxxxxxx

  • Come into my van sweetie... hun... I have candy for you, little vulnerable thing with no one watching out for you... hun... sweetie...

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