I love this girl

Since she moved to my town in 4th grade we have been best friends even though I'm a guy. I've definitely liked her since 5th grade and I'm 15. I'm not nervous around girls or anything but I'm pretty sure she doesn't like me. She also has a boyfriend but they're not that serious. I love her to death she doesn't even realize how much and I'm positive it's not just me being a weird teenager. I can't stand being just friends anymore. What should I do

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  • hey worst case scenario guy again i forgot to mention your fifteen which mean's it is just you being a creepy teen you should have guessed i was gonna comeback and say that

  • no the absolutely worst thing she could say is no she doesn't want to go out she sees you as a childish fool with no hope of loving her the way she wants you too and so she is breaking off your friendship then she starts spreading the rumor that your a dumbass in bed with a small d*** and a premature ejaculator... (not that that ever happened to me just throwing out the absolute worst case scenario in a very detailed manner)

  • She may just see you as a friend. Which isn't a bad thing, it's just that you want more. So, take a chance and ask her out. The absolute worse thing she'll say is no, she just wants to remain friends. But then you'll know and can turn your attentions towards someone else.

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