I love her so much

I like this girl called L.But I don't know how to ask her out or confess her?
Can somebody help me?

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  • Step 1: grow some testicles
    Step 2: let testicles mature into big bollocks
    Step 3: man the f*** up and stop being a p****
    Step 4: ask her out on a date

    Alternatively, get her drunk, kiss and she'll either kiss you back or you'll end up in prison because she rejected you but you didn't stop.

    Hope that helps.

  • I love this guys so much i think about him all the time since the day we met 3 years ago.

  • That is difficult you need to see if she likes you before pushing to hard, can you ask a friend to ask her what she thinks of you or if she would go with you?
    or go ask her yourself? but play it really cool. don't come on too strong. take it slowly. look at why you like her. and what you can give her ?

  • Just be like ..I was wondering if you want to go for a walk or grab coffee..so we can hangout.

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