Smoking addiction

I started smoking in the 10th grade when i was 15
Now I'm 19 and some days ago my parents found out about my smoking habit
It made them very very unhappy
They didn't say much except giving me a deadline to quit the habhit
I thougt i could do that, but when i started to control my craving, it didn't go very well
It ended up with me smoking a cig
Now that the deadline is nearly there, I'm so embarrassed of myself that i couldn't do just a little thing to make my parents happy
I dont even have the power to look at them in the eye
I cant study i can't concentrate in anything
I dont know what to do
I think i am a liability on my parents
I'm not good at anything studies sports whatsoever
God show me a way please

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  • I've quit smoking many times, sometimes for months. I've gone back to it, because it is hard to give up things that you like. I plan to quit again. Get a lot of exercise and maybe some nicotine chewing gum to get through the first couple of days. The rest is the hard part: the psychological/social aspect of smoking.

  • A doctor can prescribe Champix. It worked for me.

  • Get a lot of peppermint lifesavers, or sunflower seeds. You can do it. Do it now, before you own Marlboro instead of a nice car instead.

  • I tried a weed bong once cuz i thought it was a asthma spray or lollypop

  • It's tough. Ask them to support.

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