I'm envious of my boyfriend

I love my boyfriend and I would never wish for him to do any worse in life. I'm glad he has a good life with a good family and group of friends.. buutt I'm envious of it. I'm envious that the worst thing he has ever gone through is his parents divorce and that he has a great family who has never done terrible things to him and a group of friends who are loyal and are just great people. I've been dealt s***** cards in my life when it comes to a s*** family, s*** life and bad friends. (My friends arent TERRIBLE but they never see me and only hit me up when they need something from me). It's especially eating at me while I'm at home on a Saturday night with nothing to do while he's out with the boys drinking and watching the fights. (Which I'm not mad about) I just wish I had friends that hangout with me like they hangout. It's kind of a sad reminder that I barely ever have anyone else around and even if I Do, they're not really good people /:

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  • It's understandable that the life your boyfriend is living is what you want to live. However, instead of being envious don't you think being part of his life would be extremely appreciable ?

  • Stop being envious of your partner and take action to make positive changes, in your own social life.

    Stop being friends with deadbeats and start seeking out better friends. Embark on new hobbies and activities, where you'll meet new people and learn new skills aswell. If you continue in the negative cycle you're currently experiencing, it may leak into your relationship with your partner in a negative way.

    At least your partner is a positive influence in your life and he's your special friend aswell, please don't forget that.

    Good luck.

  • Same here, I am envious of how they leave me and find some uglier girl and marry and have kids and jobs and holidays and I deserve more of what they have. I am even jealous of their skill and talent and driving and intelligence and I am glad to be a woman but it feels unappreciated. you need to place more focus on yourself and defining your goals and dreams and find a new guy soon.

  • Why won't you try purifying your soul?

  • What an ignorant question!

    Don't judge others, as if you're morally superior compared to them!

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