Giving My First BJ

I was 15 and he was 19. He was my best friends older brother and I had had a crush on him for long time. It happened one evening in the backyard. We were just goofing around one night in summer. I then asked him if I would be a good gf. He said ya and asked if I did anything with a guy and I said now. He said I was pretty and we could practice if I wanted. So I kissed him and I felt so warm all over. He was good at kissing. Did that for long time and then he had me feel his hard d*** in his sweats and that made me want to feel and see more. He had my take off his sweats and let me explore. He said I could practice sucking him if I wanted because all guys will want head from their gf. So he pushed my head down on him and said to start licking and sucking him. He guided my head and told me what to do. Next thing I was straddling his legs and loved his soft hard warm d***. Felt good. He said I was doing good and started pumping my face. My jaw was getting tired and then he said was going to c** and told me to just keep sucking then he started pumping my mouth harder. He was holding my head and then he said I was making him c** and grunted so sexy did in my mouth pushing my head all way down making me gag. I swallowed as much as I could that did not run out of my mouth and drip off. I liked it and made me hot to please him. He said I was real good at giving head and will make a bf feel good. We would meet up lots after school and he came over and have me suck him many times after that and we started having s** lots too even when he had a gf. He said he I was his extra s** girl but too young to be his gf. It was good for me since I felt like I had a sexy older boy coming to be with me.


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  • I was 4 when I gave my first bj. Dad smeard condensed milk on his tool and then put it in my my mouth . He held my head and rubbed his erection until he shot his load down my throat. He first lay me on my seventh birthday.

  • I wish i can make you my gf m 19 by the way

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