Gf's bj

It takes me 30+ minutes to c** from my gf's bj.. So sometimes I watch p*** without her knowing when she is sucking so I c** faster. But usually I really enjoy long long longggg sucking.

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  • I c** quite quickly with your girlfriend's b*******

  • When I was 14, I use to get my ex to blow me everytime we met in the woods. Blow jobs are great, I learnt that young and ive always been well hung, girls love it when they try to put a standard condom on my d*** and shock on their faces when it never fits is kinky as h***.

  • How old are you mod and how big is your d***??

  • Long bj's are great not all girls can go that long to get there surprise

  • At least you can c** from a BJ. I have never been able to. She can suck me all night and I still don't c**. Only way for me to get off is to f*** her p****.

  • Oh I am sorry to hear that. My friend is like thay as well. Perhaps you can find a b**** who will be able to make u c** woth only her mouth. Good luck!

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