My F!uck of a brother

I am 16 and my big bro messes up my room pushes me shoves me and is just a j***. So when he was sleeping I creeped into his room and took of his covers, then I slapped him in the b**** with a plastic ruler. He woke up immediately and rolled off the bed holding his crotch and when he got back up I kicked him in the b**** with my heels. It was so much fun and you girls if you are getting pushed around bye a guy just hit em where it hurts! (The nut sack)

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  • Our daughter did that too her brother a few days ago sweetie. Guess what. She has not being sitting comfortable for last few days and thats excatley what would have happend too you madam..

  • You're an a-s-s-h-o-l-e!

  • I understand my brother has been abusing me and wants all this power control he is getting from a bitchy dynamic from a bitchy liar cousin who is up to no good and I can't find any proper counselling support for my problems and just feel like I should run away. I can't even beg for help or beg for a nice man to care and help me, but considering it.

  • He might retaliate and attack you when your parents are out. you need to catch his powers of reason maturity and say " stop doing this, be respectful"

  • My brother and sister do not love me at all. and are nasty. you should set some ground rules about BOUNDARIES, like he has no right to go in your room. and also you need to make it clear to him that he can't push you around. I had to text my brother and his wife recently and tell them exactly that to stop abusing me and getting others to harm me or else and I said I have already gone to police over it. you can go to a school counsellor or a gp or parents or someone close and say what is going on and what you want, lock your door with a lock or something. get your parents to set clear rules about this stuff. you have a right to your own privacy and personal belongings being respected, as well as your body and needs and I wish someone had of told my younger brother he was not allowed to speak rudely to me and his parents etc. I think he got away with too much.

  • One wrong doesn't get solved by committing another wrong. he could have you up for abuse. my younger brother used to always roll a tackle on me or my other sister if we did anything to upset him so we just used to torment him to get a rise out of him but at times he could give a hard heavy tackle. a few times I hit him back too, and usually got in trouble by my mother or father. but if he is abusing you go tell someone. seriously, he has no right to harm you. my brother has been so weird. he just went weird when I was about to marry a guy about 19 years ago and he couldn't run the guy down enough yet his own girlfriend was not much different that when they met was having s** with others and didn't know where to stick it and on drugs and stupid behavior that was anit-social throwing things out of cars and drunk and so on. then as time went on he just became more and more cruel with words and sarcastic and judging and labelling of others in a negative way. and couldn't rationalise in a human way. so in the end I told him and his wife off. he just became so mean like my sister did. I couldn't understand it. so we don't talk. but he was abusing me verbally and emotionally a lot as we grew up and sexual abuse as kids. that is why I am saying be careful hitting his b**** he could accuse you then of abuse even if you are older or copying others. because can't you communicate and use counselling family person to help and mediate the issue? resolve it and tell him how you expect to be treated and say "so do we have a deal then? I won't do this if you don't do that" etc.

  • Creep in his room early 1 morning around 5am and put his morning wood in ur mouth and start sucking him awake! He won't be pushing you anymore unless its your head he's pushing down on his c***! Good luck.

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