No trust....

I have secretly been checking my boyfriends email and myspace account. He has no idea that I have his passwords. He sends an occasional email to ex-girlfriends and if I get to the replies before he does I delete them. Do I trust him? Not really...He was unfailthful to me once in the past and even though I forgave him, i can not get past it nor do I trust him when he speaks to the others. What the f***? Why the need to communicate with them?
I check his phone too but I think he has caught on to that because I think he deletes the calls or texts before I see them. Am I being irrational?

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  • To the OP, yes, you are being irrational. You expect him to totally cut off a person he used to have a sexual relationship with. Like you want to nullify her? So he gets an email -occasionally- as you put it, from a Ex and you expect him to do what? Ignore her? Block her? If you can\\\\\\\\\\\\'t totally and truly forgive him its time to pack it up. Leave but tell him why so he knows where he broke the relationship. Other than that, stop being a spy. Just out and out ask him what he\\\\\\\\\\\\'s up to, who\\\\\\\\\\\\'s emailing him lately, be nice and curious, not full of spit and venom.

  • LOL!
    You girls sound like you used to be real c** dumpsters.

  • Men would f*** a hole in the wall - they are scum of this earth-wished men were different - yet they are not.

  • What's the matter girls? Can't you keep your men at home? LOL

  • Yes we are. And we find women just like all of you who give it up.
    It takes two to tango.

    Now bend over and bark like a dog!

  • Men are dogs walking around in heat all day- they would f*** anyone if they could.

  • I say continue to checking on your boyfreind - all men lie,cheat if they can get away with it. Men are deceitful and cannot be trusted,

  • it happened with me also.. my so-called XFF deceived me by doing the same.. by giving her email pwd to her intimate friend.. & eventually that b'tard used it against me.. & this so-called XFF supported him..

  • ^ a****.

    if you don't trust him, don't be with him.
    simple as that.

  • ^^^a******. So what if she can't get past it- HE CHEATED ON HER and you call her the C***. You are the c***, f****** p****.

  • To the post above.... f*** you!
    She forgave him, but can't get past it?
    That's not forgiving someone. So instead, she's the one sneaking around behind HIS back!
    That makes her nothing more than a C***!

  • First- to the two s**** above I would say, 'f*** you'. Second- to the OP I would say 'f*** him' as you obviously do not trust him as he already cheated on you and he is not committed to you having stayed in contact with others.

  • Very f***** up. Tell him you have his passwords so he change them. I had an ex girlfriend who did that once for months and I had no idea. You have no idea how upset I was when I found out.

  • You are not only irrational you are DISHONEST and a SLY SNEAKY COW!!!!!!! You breach the privacy of another individiual and in doing so break the law!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You need a reality check......................................... Maybe he likes the sanctity of having others as friends to maintain his sanity? If I was your boyfriend and found out you'd be out on your a*** are dishonest.

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