Mixed Emotions

I am in a good marriage, and I know it. My wife is pretty fat: she weighs over 400 pounds. She's gotten fatter and fatter over time, and I can't even remember what it was like to have s** with her when she was below 200 pounds (she was ~160 when we met).

About a month ago we were having s** and I was trying to go hard because I thought she liked that. She told me to stop trying so hard because I'm not a big enough guy to "manhandle" her and my p**** isn't big enough to bludgeon her the way I was trying to do. She said if I was bigger and had a bigger p****, or if I were having s** with a more petite woman maybe what I was doing would work. Since I am what I am and I'm partnered with such a fat woman she said she wants me to be a soft and gentle lover.

I spent the ensuing week thinking about what it would be like to have s** with a petite woman. Then out of nowhere a very attractive and almost petite Latina who is on the fringe of our social circle struck up a conversation with me. She admitted she was attracted to me and even though she knew I was married decided to approach me anyway. Over the course of about a week we talked and shared sexual fantasies w each other. I told her what my wife had said to me. Then the discussions escalated to the point where she wanted to put thoughts to action, asking me when and where I'd like to meet. I desperately wanted to but I also knew where it was heading and didn't want to cheat on my wife.

Long story short: I explained I couldn't meet with her and broke off contact. She was shocked because she thought I'd be easy to pick off since my wife is so fat. She made fun of me a bit but to her credit promised to leave us alone.

Since then I've had mixed emotions. I know I made the right decision. My wife is a beautiful woman and wonderful person who deserves better from me. I should never have let it reach the point I did but when it came down to it I made the right call and backed away.

At the same time, even though I know I made the right call, I also feel I missed an amazing opportunity. I do love my wife and the s** is amazing but I still can't help but wonder what it would be like to have s** with someone who doesn't weigh over twice as much as me. But I know that's a temporary thing because my wife's weight doesnt actually bother me. It's more a passing curiosity, yet the letdown from my decision lingers.


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  • Hope you and your wife are enjoying each other, you made the right call!

  • Your dumb dude .. You only live once, life is short & we should not only enjoy our families but also time with our friends right? treat yourself but then again if you did do it you would feel guilty right? This is why it's called treating yourself you shouldn't feel guilty if you wanna enjoy time with friends .. i mean how many times are you gonna keep passing up a good time? Im not saying be serial with it, but c'mon what are you gonna do? wait til the age of 90 thinking back to all the s*** you could've did?

  • You only live once, yes, and I don't want my life to include things I will someday be ashamed of. Plus it's not like I don't have a good s** life with my wife. It's just the idea of something different appealed to me and I though I was above that. Or at least didn't expect to be open to suggestion like that. I'm not passing up a good time: my wife is a good time and deserves some respect and loyalty.

    Thanks for your reply.

  • You made the right choice

  • Well s*** .. what was the point of seeking out advice about your "mixed emotions"? It sounds like you already answered your questions & concerns .. I was right the first time when i said your dumb dude ..

  • Where in the post do I seek advice? Not everything posted here is a cry for help. For some it's exactly what the site name suggests: a confession. I've not asked for advice but merely shared something on my mind.

    It's funny you would call me dumb but don't even understand the post you've read. BTW, it's "you're dumb" not "your dumb." Again, if you're going to call someone dumb...

  • My wife is a size 4 petite little thing. Hour glass figure, 34C's. I'm awestruck that I get to f****** this pretty woman everyday. I am to large for her hole but she deals with it. It is amazing to toss her around in various positions.

  • That's awesome, I'm happy for you. I should be clear: I do enjoy f****** my fat wife, I just let my imagination run wild for a while. I'm glad I didn't let it get to the next level.

  • Troll

  • My wife is a petite thick woman she's at 4"9 I'm quite big for her but s** with a petite woman is definitely so much to do and so many new things to try and do .

  • My wife isn't petite at all, and when she said what she said it got my imagination running. Timing couldn't have been worse for this woman to approach me. I saw her this morning. She looked my wife up and down then looked at me and flashed a smile. It wasn't a nice smile though.

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