Never lost it!

Ive been secluded lately, so lately at the age off 55; I started believing the negative feedback from my ex's. So dont chase skirts!

However, I'm a male about (in possess 9 inches and a thick p****. For a moment I thought I needed pills or maybe I should try s** with a s****** or lady boy! When possible. Sticky for head and s**** them anally.

I love a big ass, and love have an attractive woman sucking my,d*** deepthroating me , that keeps me erect for hours. I'm long-winded so its rare that I creampie my pass sexual partners, so they slurp on me knowing it would led to some heavy slamming and pounding.

So.........I'm still heterosexual, due to the fact, a petite older woman visited yesterday, in the past this older woman knew I could take it or leave it,
Behold this visit, she was determined to swallow, and get penetrated.
I her attempt to swallow, this particular time I became fully erect. No pill, no gay stuff, just, she denied me putting it all the way in her, she slow choppy strokes! I haven't been that hard in a while. Moral of the story is , petite, because it's bbw complaining and petite ones that begging to quit fncking that hard!

Jun 9

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