I'm only aroused by humiliation

After a couple of years of an ex-girlfriend constantly telling insulting my manhood, humiliation is now the only way I get aroused. My ex loved the power she possessed over me and it turns out I did too. She would do the typical stuff like tell me how small I was, how big her was but also invite her friend into the mix. One time her friend saw me tied naked to the bed, my ex gave me one stroke as they laughed and I came within seconds, another time I was tied up whilst in my ex's bra and panties. My ex was super hot, out of my league a little so I did as she said. There are many silly stories.

But now I crave the humiliation. I try to sleep with black women, so that they feel I'm inadequate. I can come within 10-15 seconds usually. The disappoint of continuing to try to f*** after this as my d*** shrinks has made me c** again a couple of times. I go to a nudist beach after growing my lubes so my d*** is fairly hidden, hang out near the big d*** guys. I always hear some chuckles as people walk past. Most humiliating was when one girl in her early 20's maybe made a comment and I started to get hard and I had to leave when she noticed.

Recently I contacted my ex to tell her how it is and she invited me round, ended up getting naked with her and her new bf, he was about twice he size of me. I got so hard that she stroked me about twice and I started dribbling c**. I. Totally forgot but if she got c** on her hand she made me lick it off. This time in front of her new bf. the humiliation of that was so much I've been wanking off about it all week. She has since mentioned eating her p**** out after her bf has come in her, then she'll make me c** again. I'm not sure I want to do it but the humiliation would be a new level for me!

Anyone else love being humiliated or likes to be humiliated? I've been considering meeting couples where I can be their b**** I guess, take the humiliation even further.

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  • Nothing gets me off more than when my wife puts me down while we have s**. Tells me I'm worthless, small d*** and the best is when she says I'm gay. She lays and pretends that she doesn't want it which I hope is easy for her.

  • Does cuckolding count?

  • Yes! I think this is where I'm heading! I went round to my ex'sand made dinner, then we went upstairs and I watched as he f***** her hard, she then made me thank him for fulfilling her needs like I never could. Then I ate her cummy p****

  • That’s hot! As a cuckold, it’s my fantasy for my 28 year old Pakistani fiancée to choose another man to be her first over me. The thought of knowing he’ll always be her first and that I can’t do anything about it would be so humiliating to me. I hope he brags about the significance of this happening and tells me how tight my fiancee’s virgin c*** is squeezing his d***. He’ll know to give her a big load, when he becomes the first man to c** in her.

  • Another update: my ex invite me round and told me to strip. She was wearing all black, little dress and high heels, looked sexy as f***. She told me to start wanking about her but not to c** so I did as she said. When I was rock hard and struggling to hold back, she opened the door and invited her friend in, her "gay best friend" type guy. She said today is something different. He got naked and walked over to me with his d*** by my face. She told me to kiss his d***. So I did. Then she made me suck it. There I was sucking a gay d*** as she laughed. Then he came in my Mouth! Horrible! Sickly! Disgusting! But my five was rock hard. Then I got on my back and he started to finger my ass, she made us kiss As he fingered He stretched my ass enough for his d***. He wasn't huge but much bigger than me. He f***** me pretty roughly, she got me on all fours at one point. But back on my back, he pumped me hard as my ex stroked me and with 10 seconds I was shooting c** everywhere. Including my face. I didn't realise my ex had taken some photos during the whole thing. Best humiliation ever.

  • RWDS for BSDM

  • I have this, my wife occasional dresses in pvc, makes me strip naked, and likes to have me on all fours while she massages my prostate and wanks me off. Just to remind me who is boss. Once she did it with her friend also dressed up, of course like real man, I lasted all of 20 seconds and came into her friend's latex gloved hand and was made to lick it clean. Her friend is over tonight always smirks at me now. I kind of wish it would happen again!

  • Update: Met my ex for a "threesome". She made me dress up in bra, panties and stockings while her bf f***** her several times. My role was to lick up his c** because my "toddler d*** can't produce worthy man juice". I ended up licking out her p**** and licking c** off her t*** and ass. She wanked me off after telling me to imagine gagging on her bf's d*** after it's been up her p****, I came hard. She made me swallow the condom contents after.

  • I quite enjoy my wife dominating me, this is usually me pleasuring her and receiving nothing back, or she f**** me with a strapon. Most humiliating is she has a strapon that squirts liquid. So she made me c** several times over 3 days and on the 4th day f***** me and squirted several loads of my c** into my own ass. She then made me wear her panties under my jeans and we went to dinner, the c** was trickling out all evening.

  • That's hot!

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