My brother in law touched me inappropriately several time what sh

Hey everybody I need you guys to tell me if just give me some advice OK so basically my sister told me to come to over your house and watch her baby and I was like OK so I went and she went grocery shopping me and then her husband comes from work and and that he just goes up to his room and asked normal like 10 minutes later he comes and sits right next to me he starts like touching my butt and my b**** are really an appropriate and I'll put it in the theater was like 1617 and I was at it I really didn't know what to do I was confused at oh my god so right now I was on contemplating either getting blackmail her revenge so this guy have a Lotta money so I'll be like yo if you want if you don't want your Family to file but you better pay me some money or should I just leave it alone because I'm broke right now anyway thanks hope you guys reply really fast


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  • Blackmail the husband and make him pay to touch you. BTW, blackmail s** is hot!

  • Try that again. In English.

  • Yeah like wtf. Worst piece of writing I ever read. So stupid.

  • I don't know about that. Got quite a few people around here who can't seem to figure out how to compose basic sentences correctly. And then there's the rest of the internet!

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