I have this strong desire to experience s** with another man. From a young age I have had this need to wear girls clothes I used to dress up in my sisters skirts in my closet. Now I find myself wearing panties all day and in fact i just bought my first bra. I still am attracted to women but at the same time I really need to pleasure a man and have him take me as a woman.

Not sure where this journey will end .....


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  • I like wearing panties lingerie just being a girl who wants to be sucked and wants to suck tasting my pre-come as if it was his

  • One taste of precum and then swallow c** and feel the heat of his love juice deep in your ass is so exlerating and then while your sleeping you feel his c*** ramming your ass as you wake from a deep sleep and his f****** you REALLY HARD AND MAKING YOU ALMOST TO TEARS AND MAKING YOU SCREAM

  • It will end with you getting HIV and walking funny for a week.

  • Ignorant idiot!

  • Paedophile scum!

  • Damn, you're that paedophile commentator. Why do you use that term for everyone on this website?

  • Why do you still deny being a paedophile after bragging about it elsewhere? Make up your mind!!

  • Who bragged about something so diabolical? Man or woman?

  • You did and nobody is sure what you are other than a sicko.

  • I've never mentioned anything of that nature on this website, so why state otherwise? I wouldn't, as I personally work with abuse survivors and I've been a victim myself. So I find it beyond disturbing, how a stranger like you could assume and state such a think about someone you don't know!

  • Yes you have as I've been tracking your IP.
    You didn't think you could be followed, did you?
    That's just one more example of your stupidity.
    You sick twisted SOBs think you can brag about it and then deny it.
    You are clearly a mental health casualty and a CRIMINAL!!

  • Lol You're clearly wrong! And I can prove it. Don't assume people on this website don't work in professions as law enforcers. We all have legitimate identities. Becareful what you state and watch your back!

  • Trying to deny it won't help your case. You're busted! The best you can do is stand on a rickety chair with a noose around your neck and jump.

  • Lol Wrong again. You never learn Stephen :)

  • Let me share with you a little bit of wisdom, I also sat on the edge of my seat wanting to be used by a man. I am a lifelong CD, men are like anything else each one is different, and each one will treat you differently. Hopefully if you do decide to cross the bridge you will find one who will treat you as female and not like a piece of meat.

  • Please kill yourself

  • You first!

  • After you, HIV Peddler.

  • No I insist, you first :)

  • But you're so good at it!

  • If I was, I wouldn't be here to insist you go first ;)

  • You too busy eating dog feces?

  • Maybe you should stop posting psychotic rubbish and return to that psychiatric ward you mentioned on another post!

  • Maybe you should quit molesting children and bragging about it ob

  • Wrong again Stephen Cooke. We know who you're Stephen.

  • Yes and you have all the time in the world sue cairns.

  • Real Man, Real Woman? what is that it someone that knows who they are inside, someone who treats everyone with respect regardless of their choices, someone that can be friend to lean on or someone to listen to your problems.
    That is what I am..I like who I am. Spare us the labels we are all just humans trying to live together on this crazy planet.

  • Well said :)

  • Only an imbecile would believe that.

  • Only an imbecile wouldn't. Hello imbecile.

  • And yet you would, imbecile!

  • And yet, you wouldn't "Imbecile!"

  • So an imbecile like you would even knowing how big a stooge you are?

  • Stop posting your pedophile fantasises on other posts!

  • Fantasies are one thing but you act on them. You don't have moral high ground, sicko!

  • Wrong again Stephen Cooke, wrong again.

  • Why should that stop me?

  • It would seem real men are becoming more on the engendered list.

  • No such thing as a real man and real woman, we're individuals.

  • Stuff your Koombya crap!!!

  • Only if you stuff your mouth with crap!

  • After I s-h-i-t down your throat again.

  • No thank you, I'm not disgusting like you. But thanks for the offer. Fortunately, I have to decline :)

  • You are VERY disgusting. Especially with animals.

  • I didn't know you f***** animals. Poor animals :(

  • So do you prefer getting laid by German Shepherds or Great Danes?

  • Same commentator above and below. Stop posting pedophile fantasises and return to the psychiatric ward you mentioned in another post!

  • Quit deflecting away and accusing others of taking part in your depraved daily activities!

  • Doesn't matter as long as they are hung!!

  • I love auto-dumb. Endangered

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