Oh what a desire .

I confess ... I just want so badly for another man to take my wife to bed , and please her , desire her and to totally be focused on her desires and not his . she is a 60 year hot wife in my book . I just cant shake off this desire . is it really true that some men really get to experience their wife with another man / or is it just all lies and fantasies .

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  • Its real im 30 and ill do it for you

  • Don't make no sense . Are you drunk or what . You can be reported you know . What the issue with person ? Anyone know ? Grow up whoever you are . Bfd

  • Complaining is not going to get anyone laid on here . maybe you are not the right person for these people or person . or you had said something to offend them . either way , take your medicine like the rest of us and move on . who knows what is ahead of you . ...... been there done that s.g

  • F*** you you w***** and carry on licking you mom and sister a sucking you dad and brother

  • Some people just can't handle the truth I guess . I'm a wife, a mother and I agree with you sg .

  • Inbred c***, be you and you off springs have web feet

  • Do not respond to this post it is all lies

  • Bet she is fat and ugly and your a limp d*** w*****

  • I have sent her an email saying I want to f*** her

  • I could go cyber

  • I have just had a w*** thinking of your wife

  • How much do you charge to f*** the old w****

  • My e-mail is: Lmullaney@outlook.com

  • Id f*** the old b****

  • She is not old or a b**** .

  • Yes she is

  • Well I guess you loose out . better to find some one who is worth her attention

  • I love old whores

  • I'm 60 with a fat 8in c***, id love to f*** her

  • I'm so hard thinking of her

  • Tried e-mailing you on w.bluehart@aol and it failed you wife sounds so sexy

  • W.blueheart@aol I for got the e in heart . sorry bout that . I thankful for your honesty . I am happy my wife makes you hard . omg the things I wish I could see you do to my wife L . just thinking about you inside of her sends me to the moon as you c** in her .

  • Tried again it didn't go through?

  • I want to f*** her

  • Would love to hear more about what you would do to my wife . you have my interest I call her L .

  • I would strip her, fondle her t***, while fingering her c***, then put her legs over my shoulders and f*** her senseless as you watched

  • The way you describe f****** her is the only way she likes to f*** . koodos in that .

  • I would lick her c*** till she c** then f*** het again. My purpose would be her pleasure

  • OMG , yes , yes and yes . Your good I wish I could talk more to you . I you wish tell me more. I wish I could show you a picture of my wife L .

  • Lmullaney@outlook.com

  • I would love to have you lick L p**** , she don't swallow or do back door . but she loves to give hand jobs . I have tried outlook .com and I cant get in even when I try to make an account . I think there an off the wall . com . any way I just keep wanting to hear more , but that's just me I guess .

  • Id like you to f*** her before I lick her c***

  • My e-mail is all lower case

  • Does she like a***?

  • No a*** for her . she is not into it . to much pain for her . and will suck and make you want more but she don't swallow . she does get close to it at times .w.blueheart @aol she also likes to get kinky with certain foods . but that's her . she will tell you yes when she c*** and tell you its your trurn .

  • I cant wait to meet her, I will comply with all her desires and make sure she is satisfied

  • She will swallow my s**** as I hold her head. What's your e-mail

  • Show me her naked

  • So what state ? we are colo

  • I will spread her vulgar and lick her citreous till she has a screaming o*****

  • Oh h*** yes . you talk good my friend .

  • I will lick her, then f*** her, will you watch, as I stick my c*** up het juicy c***

  • I would love to watch her suck your hard c*** and stroke it as your hot c** rolls down her long skinny fingers . f*** her if I am there or not . just be kind to her . she likes a firm f*** . but our work is getting her to want to do this . suck her p**** make her c** , lick her thick nipples and rub her c*** . the thicker your c*** the better .

  • I'd love to do that to her.id respect her and cater for her needs

  • I'd respect her but f*** her hard and fill her with s****

  • Some one called her an old b**** and old w**** was this you . / IF NOT TELL ME . I need someone with respect to her and to me . this is all about sharing and fun . not insults you know . just thought I would ask . it seems we might have some one else on here who wants her for the wrong reasons . get my drift .

  • No it wasn't me

  • Small case , morgan. kendricks@aol try it

  • Once I was looking for a room for my second college year and I answered a posting for a room and went there. The couple were around 60 years and very accommodating, liked me and made me a good deal. I soon found out that the wife was hot for a young c*** and she soon got mine. It was really good. Later I found out the husband was hiding in the closet and watching us, so they both got what they wanted.

  • Must be nice to have done that .

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