It was on the floor and it got seen


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  • Ca n I see it

  • I wish i could take a pic and post it except for i don't know where it is now.once mom knew somepeople had seen it she went hid it and hid it good..but it was really long like maybe 2.5feet it was blue clear rubber and thick but it could bend too.myolder sister said itcould be used by just one woman like stuck in front AND back or it could be used by two women in love too. i really cant imagine my mom using it either on herself or with somebody,but part of that is that i cant imagine my mom doing another woman....i neverknew she played that sister says she will find out what women mom is **..

  • Miley Cyrus? That's a MAN, baby!

  • It wasmy mom's 2-head dildoand nobody even knew she had it.somehow it just showed up inthe hall....

  • No biggie really, so don't think of it as one or allow anyone else to ridicule her for it: she's human, she has desires (normal ones), and she's entitled to explore. Let it drop.

  • ^agree^

  • Who actually "saw" it? Anyone? Or would it simply have been seen, had anyone been there?

  • Is there a point here?

  • Was it pee? Was it **? Was it yours?

  • When did this occur?

  • What is IT?


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