Wife got crazy about a stain

Has anyone been accused of wrongdoing from a stain? I've been married 19 years, and have never cheated on my wife. Never. She was doing the laundry the other day and said there was "strawberry lube" on my underwear. She thought I was cheating, since we haven't had s** in two years (it hurts her) and there was a foreign substance. I looked at it, but it was something I have no idea about. I don't know what the stain is. Seriously, I have no idea what the heck it is or how it got there.

My wife is freaking out thinking that I'm having an affair. I'm barraged by questions of "Who is she?" when in fact I've done nothing wrong. It is really p****** me off, because even though we've talked about it, she is acting mopey for a week now. It drives me crazy.

Oct 15, 2017

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  • If she hasn't had s** with you in two years it is extremely selfish of her not to expect that you would go out and have s** with another woman. That being said if you aren't cheating, all you can do is tell her point blank that you have never cheated and that is the end of it , no more talk about it ,if she doesn't trust or believe you she can leave. You can't disprove a negative.

  • B**** gotta go. Dump that ass.

  • Does she feel guilty at the possibility you maybe getting s** elsewhere, because she's not having s** with you? There's a simple solution to her guilt, if that's what it is - have s** together and move on.

  • If she keeps going on and on about this, then just start f****** her sister. Or her cousin. Or her mother. Or her best friend. Or simply SAY you're doing that (although you aren't). Don't let her keep the upper hand. A b**** like you got will destroy your life if you let her.

  • Or perhaps he could start f****** her instead!

  • She says "it hurts". Poor dear. She no longer deserves sexual fidelity. Bye Felicia!!!

  • That is simply the way some women are. That doesn't excuse it, but understanding that there is a nature to it for some of them will give you the strength to endure the accusation or criticism (or drama). Just ride it out and calmly tell her that you love her, alone, and that she has nothing to worry about. Eventually she'll turn loose of a problem that's only troubling her.

  • Haha, bullshit. Go away troll.

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