Home wrecker

I must have some kind of sexual disorder. I'm only attracted to middle aged married men. I like to seduce them and establish an affair. After having my fun with him for a while, I try to keep pushing him further with risk of getting caught. My favorite is to try to get him to f*** me in his home and have his wife catch us in the act. However I manage it, I love to have him get caught by his wife. After that, I lose interest in him, dump him, and find another guy and do it all over again. I had a great way to get the last guy I was with. We finally had s** in his bed, but unfortunately the wife was out. When we were done, I happened to have a full bladder, so I peed in the bed--on her side--while he was in the bathroom cleaning up. Then I pulled the covers up; he never knew. That evening I get a call from him all upset because his wife wanted to know about the pee stain. I thought that was brilliant quick thinking on my part to get him in trouble.
I just loved it and started masturbating after he hung up and came many times really hard. Now I'm looking for a new guy to hook up with.

Nov 12, 2014

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  • Would love to meet you, seriously.

  • I suppose you are married, and where are you located?

  • very very sexy

  • You are incredibly hot and I love your attitudes: the riskier the better.

  • You sound like fun

  • For the man until he gets his present life f***** by this predator sociopath...

  • Are you punishing men for betraying their wives or enjoy feeling sadic about dominating a woman indirectly by making her feel miserable since her man wanted you so bad he risked her? is it about your ego?

    frankly, you are a girl and have the power to do that: men are mostly kinda handicapped and will go beyond their wishes of respect and care for their household, governed by their instincts.
    As a woman and a decently attractive one I assume, you could assess that from your power you have the responsibility to use your femmininity for a positive constructive purpose.

    I assume this might be a scam text and I just dropped by on this website. If it is not, I suggest you digged into your past for triggering traumas/events. Also you evidently hava some form of personality disorder, be it HPD or a mix of cluster B...

  • Finally, some sanity on this site. Hopefully OP reads this

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