I Gave Oral to Mormon Missonary

First things first. I'm an 18-year-old girl and he was 20. I was home alone and he came knocking on my door. I thought it was the pizza i ordered so i unlocked the door and yelled for him to come in, I was putting pants on. I went back in the living room and saw this adorable blonde blue eyed boy sitting on my couch. He had a white button up on and a black tie with black pants. I looked at him and said.
"You aren't my pizza"
"Nope. Hahaha. I thought it was weird you invited me in. Most people just slam the door in my face."
I asked him what he wanted. I was kinda p***** that he wasn't my pizza. He told me if I had to time to talk about Jesus and stuff so I said sure. Somehow the conversation flipped and i began to ask him about his personal experience with being Mormon. He told me everything. He tolf me about how they dont drink coffee and how they abstain from s**. I was confused when he told me that because he was super cute and BLONDE FOR CRYING OUT LOUD. I knew what i wanted to do. I had asked him if he had ever gotten his d*** sucked and he said no. So i did the only logical thing i could think of and asked him if he wanted it sucked. He turned bright red and started stuttering. I told him that i wouldn't if it made him uncomfortable and he said and i kid you not "That would be swell." soooo i got on my knees in front of him. unbuttoned his black slacks. pulled his whitey tighties down a bit and took out his d***. and omg he was blessed. i began to suck and he gave the cutest little moans. he lasted for about 3 minutes and then apologized a million times for finishing in my mouth so quickly. i just waved it off and asked him if he wanted to stay for pizza. he agreed so when my pizza came, we sat on my couch and ate the pizza talked some more and then he left.

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  • Cmon man. Gotta do a better job than that. Fake.

  • Fake

  • Me so h****

  • Do you and your brother do this role-playing thing often?

  • That's awesome! The best nastiest s** I have ever had was with a bishops daughter. This girl was a s** freak!

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