I get wet

I was working and met a co worker . well one day she asked me if I like to come over to watch a movie and eat pizza . I said sure sounds like fun and I just started working there and had no friends .
Went to her small place and we got pizza and watched a movie. When the movie was over and we were on the couch sitting she told me she had been having sexual feeling for me and that she wanted to kiss me .
I didn't know what to say I was not aware that she was gay .
She gets up and goes into her bedroom . She comes back soon after with nothing on and sits next to me and takes my finger and puts it inside her and said this is how you make me feel wet inside . Then she licks my finger . and kisses me softly .

I didn't say anything I was in shock , She gets up and takes me into her bedroom where we made love .
The next day at work she would put her hands down my pants and rub my breast at work . I was not sexually attracted to her but did enjoy her sucking my breast that was my fav. I let her use me as a s** toy until my boss caught us kissing .

He asked me what was up with me and her I told him my
story . The next day he asked me into his office and locked the door and he un zipped his pants and told me to suck his d*** . In fear I did , I am the type of person who dose what I am told and it seems as tho people who are controlling can smell me a mile away .


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  • You should totally embrace your role as the shop s** toy! I worked as a programmer at this place and had s** with this hot lesbian and also played with 2 guys... I fantasize about being everyone's boy toy to this day!

  • I'm looking to hire a new assistant! Send me your email... lol

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