Do you do what your girlfriend wants sexually?

My girlfriend is very much in control in the bedroom, and generally. She orders me to lick her p****, suck her toes, etc and sometimes she makes me eat my c**. I can get on board with this, she is smoking hot and I like to give up control. However lately we've been having threesomes and foresomes, and she loves to tease me about how much better the other guy is, he's a real man etc, which tbh I kind of like. On a number of occasions I've licked a guy's c****** off her body. But sometimes recently, my gf goes the extra mile and makes me suck his d*** briefly after he has c**. One guy grabbed my head and thruster into my mouth. I guess he like it. Does anyone else do this for their girlfriend?? Now she is asking I do more and I'm not sure if it's reasonable or not.

Oct 29, 2017

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  • It doesn't matter if other guys do it for their girlfriends, or if it's reasonable. The only thing that matters is if you like it or not. If you don't like it then you shouldn't agree to it, and if you do like it then go ahead and have your fun. Simple as that.

  • I love the feeling of her controlling what I do, it gets me so excited sexually, and I have mind blowing o****** when she lets me f*** her after it all, usually knowing I'm not the only one who came in her that night. Last night I gave in to her latest request. She want to suck me off to climax whilst the guy f***** my ass. It was so painful, still is, thankfully he wasn't too big! But my girlfriend sucked me off and I came after a little while. Apparently my ass clenched so hard that within a minute of me c****** he came in my ass. Which the straight away my girlfriend started sucking his d*** and then licking my a******. It's all abut bizarre and crazy but f*** it was fun!

  • My wife finds bi men online and we end up having threesomes regularly. My wife likes me to just wear pink lacy panties and suck the guy's d*** before he f**** her. She loves to tease me about being a little gay f***** etc (all in good fun) but one time she was being real mean, so I sucked the guy until he came and he ended up leaving before they could have f*****. I'll only suck d*** if she orders me to, she has ordered me to take a c*** in my ass too and then suck it. She treated me with an amazing b****** after that.

  • My girlfriend likes me and another guy to wrestle naked and the winner gets to f*** her. The loser usually has to suck the other's c*** or get f*****. She tends to find quite strong guys, one guy pinned me down and proceeded to ram his c*** in my ass, my girlfriend went crazy with her d**** while I got f*****. Then after he came in my ass, he made me suck his d***. What she doesn't know is I've met up with him 3 times since and he f**** me while jacking me off, he's c** all over my face, in my ass, he even came all over my d*** and licked it all up. Because of listening to my gf, I know enjoy gay s** and have even been spitroasted.

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