My GF and a black guy

For some reason I think it is really hot when I think about my gf getting f***** by a black guy she has talked about how she really wants to, and also really wants a black baby, she said she has never had s** with a black guy and I told her she can see what it’s like once if she wants, because I think it would be so hot if she got her p**** f***** hard by a black guy I just really like other people to experience her because she has really nice b**** and a fantastic ass and a really nice p****, I also really hope if she does f*** a black guy that he impregnates her.

Nov 5, 2017

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  • My gf has been f****** some guys from our college , she told me a while back and I told her I was ok with it, to get her oats sowed before we get married, well she now wants to get pregnan by them, I at first almost chocked, but after we cuddled I said ok, but I would be the only dad our kids would have, 3 days ago she told me she is 3 weeks late, and am I still ok with her being pregnant? I love her and told her to enjoy it. guess I am now a cuckhold , feels awesome.

  • Black or not, I’d love for someone to f*** my 28 yo virgin fiancée.

  • Hot as h***!

  • Suck w*****

  • Jump off a bridge you little b****. Real manly raise another dead beats kid

  • Nice

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