The salmon and the uncooked sausage

I hate white peoples pink generatiall areas

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  • Well why even bothering putting your mouth or nose down there. it isn't ment to be eaten out of or sniffed. genital germs are for other genital germs and s** is so over rated and a waste of time. you would be better off self stimulating with s** toys because all men lie for s**. and they are lazy and useless.

  • Wow, you are very impressive to have met every single man on the face of the earth. I mean that is the only way you can make that statement about all men.

  • But you do live canine fornicating. Aren't you so cool!

  • You would love my white massive pink humperdink.

  • I hate your spelling.

  • Too bad. Say that to my face so I can punch your lights out.

  • Lighten up Francis !!!!!

  • Ooooh. You're an ANGRY elf.

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