I am obsessed with my wife becoming a hot wife

I love the idea of my wife becoming a hotwife, i used to be a very jealous husband, but recently I have had thoughts of her being a hotwife, I would love her to go out and have fun with another guy. I would love her to text me updates through the evening and then tell me about it when she got home. Is this normal??

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  • You are asking for a lot of trouble here. It's not as pleasant as you might think.

  • My husband was into this fantasy too, until we tried it by having a 3way with a friend of his. I was reluctant at first, but we'd been married 12 years, we love each other, so I said sure, let's try it. His friend was attractive too. Well the fantasy was much better than the reality for my husband. He really couldn't handle seeing me have multiple o****** with his friend or getting creamed. My husband could barely get hard through the entire thing, so it wasn't a good thing for him. I will say that it was kinda fun for me, because his friend felt great, really.

  • This happened to my husband and I too. He had finally talked me into it, brought a friend of his over one night for a threesome. We were in the bedroom and before things went to far I asked my husband if he was sure he really wanted this and could handle it. He was all " YES, YES.YES" so we got into it. The jealousy started while I was sucking my husband's c*** and his friend started eating me. He really knew what he was doing down there and had me c****** pretty quick, to the point of me kind of forgetting about my husband's b****** while telling his friend how good it felt. My husband had lost his erection and even when I went back to sucking him he was having a hard time getting it up. When his friend got me on my hands and knees and started f****** me my husband finally just left the bedroom. It wasn't enjoyable for him at all. I truly loved his friend going down on me and the way he f***** me. My husband still doesn't know I swallowed his friend's c**, as after his friend left and my husband came back into the bedroom he made the comment of " at least you didn't suck his c***".

  • I would love my wife to f*** another guy and tell me all the details. I would eat her p**** while she told me exactly what they got up to.

  • Your husband has a homely dog for a wife.

  • My husband has this fantasy and I told him no way in h***. To each their own, I am just not f****** another man for his pleasure.

  • Why would you say No? You get to f*** whoever you want without your husband getting p***** and divorcing your ass. That is the dream marriage.

  • You would think so because you are HIV+ and have probably dosed half the town.

  • I got it from you.

  • No, you got it through a glory hole.

  • And you would know because you was on the other side of that glory hole!

  • I saw the video of the exact moment that guy infected you. In fact, more than one website has that video.

  • How do you know for sure which guy it was? I did 14 guys that day.

  • Answering your own post? What a loser you are.

  • I'm a non having a girl on girl affair with another playgroup mom. We make out while our kids play together in the back yard. I'd never tell my husband. I've no desire to split with my husband who I really love very much. This is just so exciting.

  • Must not love him too much, you're f****** someone else behind his back.

  • Very sexy. Sara x

  • My husband has been talking about a 3some or some kind of group s** thing. He is so jealous though! I’m sure it’s better in his head than how it would be in real life. He thinks he want to watch several men have their way with me while I look him in the eye and enjoy myself. If he truly wants to I will. I’ve gotten to the point that whatever he wants he gets. If he wants s** every day, we have s** every day. If he wants it 3 times then we have s** 3 times. He talked me into a*** s** and then it was a*** every day for like 2 weeks before he wanted a break. He’s got me hooked on deep throating, a*** s**, and I am always ready to go. He keeps me in a constant state of arousal. Took 10 years but I’m very compliant now. Haha

  • Awesome! Would you care to share your hot pics with me? You sound incredibly exciting! Hippy6944@Gmail.com

  • Wow you are a sexy couple. I've only had a*** a couple of time, it hurts but I should practice more. Sara x

  • No, you should slit your wrists, Sara.

  • Bet that comment made you feel like a big man? What a p****!!!

  • Run along gutless c***!

  • They are just a troll who has no life. Probably a teenage sitting in his room playing with his little d***.

  • A size queen like you can't get enough d***.

  • Be very careful what you wish for. My husband wanted this for years. He would bring it up all the time while we were having s**. I finally gave in and went to a hotel with a coworker who had been flirting with me for a while. We spent the afternoon together in bed. When I got home I told my husband that I sucked and f***** my coworker like he asked me to, thinking it would turn him on. He became very jealous and it really effected our marriage and s** life in a negative way. Its been a few years now and things have gotten better but it still comes between us at times.

  • Your husband is an idiot, suggested it and then jealous what a wanked. My husband suggested it as he has erectile issues and fully supports my desire for a good f******.
    Did you enjoy your extra c***? If so carry on. Just don't share with the f****** idiot. Sara x

  • Yes the s** was great with the co worker. I tried to be as dirty as I could be with him so I could tell my husband how naughty I was with another man. I was thinking it would only make the whole experience more intense for him. We had been married for 16 years with him asking me to do this for probably the last 8 or 9 years . I slowly worked my self up to it. Its hard to explain but I really did do this for him , to satisfy his fantasy .Even though I did enjoy f****** the other man that day ,I would have never done it had my husband not said he wanted me to.

  • How dirty were you with your co-worker

  • It started out with us getting a room ,once inside I stripped for him . I remembered in one of our conversations him telling me he jerked off thinking of me laying on my bed naked and masturbating so that is what I did for him. I played with my nipples and p**** while he watched then told him I wanted to suck his c***. I continued to finger myself while sucking his c*** telling him over and over that I wanted to taste his c**. Surprisingly he lasted longer than I thought before his hands held my head and he started c****** in my mouth. Once he took his c*** out of my mouth I showed him his c** then swallowed it ,his response to that was" damn that was f****** hot!" which turned me on even more and in a weird way I felt proud of myself being able to get him off like that .
    He then went down on me and the dirty talk with him continued and when I asked if he was enjoying eating my married p**** he kind of hissed out a long yes . From that point he became very dominant ,telling me to suck his c*** and get him hard , saying he was going to give me such a good f*** I wouldn't even want my husband's c*** again. I went with it and didn't stop him as he was leaving little hickies on my t*** saying he hoped my husband liked them. He then turned me over and f****** me from behind. He really got off on me saying anything about being married and when I asked him if he was going to send me home to my husband full of his c**. He couldn't hold back any longer and came in me. I had a very intense o***** feeling him throbbing inside me knowing I was taking another man's c** after only being with my husband all those years. My husband has never heard the details past me telling him I did what he want and took my coworker to a hotel where I sucked his c*** and let him f*** me. I definitely didn't get the reaction from him that I expected.

  • What a bunch of BS!!!

  • There always has to be one troll calling everything B.S. ,fake or whatever. There are literally billions of people on the planet with all different experiences in life. But this guy is the knower of all I guess.

  • You're a bs machine.

  • How do you know it's a guy?

  • My husband likes me to bring home condoms full of s****, then he pours me a glass of red wine and empties to contents of the condoms into the wine for me to drink. I give him the details as I drink, he then tucks me really hard telling me that I'm a dirty w****

  • Wow, you are my kind of dirty birch. I love a c*** exploding in my mouth and my c***.
    What I would love is to lick you shaven c*** when it's full of a stranger's s****. Sara x

  • Your husband really missed out by letting his jealousy get in the way of what could have been a really exciting time for both of you!

  • Well darling you enjoyed another c*** in your c*** and mouth. Hubby encourage you and then couldn't handle it, what a fool.
    As you enjoyed getting the extra c***, carry on, just don't tell him. It's more exciting with complete strangers. Sara x

  • Good on you. i always wanted my wife to do this but she never would. i would have been h**** as f*** if she had come home and told me what she had done. keep me informed wetkn@outlook.com

  • Im guessing that most guys who have this fantasy want to be included. If their wife just goes and f**** someone else when they are at work or home than where is the fun for the guy?
    My husband has asked me to have s** with a stranger so he could watch. I have not agreed thus far but I would never dream of doing it without him.

  • It was what he had been asking for. He would bring it up all the time and when I teasingly told him about the guy at work flirting and talking dirty to me it really turned him on. He told me on many occasions that I should just sneak off and let my co worker f*** me. He never said he wanted to be there to watch he just said he wanted to have me f*** another man, the only condition was I had to tell him about it when I came home. He may have thought it would progress into me f****** men while he watched , i'm not really sure. It doesn't matter now as he was over the top jealous after the fact and almost ended our marriage. I would have never done it if I knew how he was going to really react.

  • You sound very sexy. I have a fantasy of my own and that is to have lesbian s**. I have never done it but would you consider it with me, I bet that would turn your hubby on? Sara x

  • I experimented with my roommate in college but have never told anyone. Not even my husband. I can honestly say that I am straight but the s** with my roommate was not bad. It was just different. I would be open to s** with a woman again. I just don't know who you are. Can you describe yourself? Big, small? Short, tall? Curvy, thin? Big breast, small breast? Butt size? Hair color? Eye color? Smile?

  • I'm 45 chubby big b****** 42gg. Long red hair, shaven p****. I'm told in attractive. I've never had lesbian s** but want to experience girl on girl. Sara x

  • I'm 34b, size 8 jeans, and I have brown hair. I used to shave my p**** bald but had problems with being sensitive afterward. I talked to my doctor and she said I should wax. It almost killed me the first few times I had it done but I have gotten used to it now. I no longer have sensitivity problems and I think it last longer than shaving. Do you wax or shave?

  • Wax I want you. Sara x

  • My roommate did this thing with her mouth where she rolled her tongue around my c*** when she was going down on me. I don't know how she did it but I have never had anyone else be able to do it. She told me at the time that men couldn't do it because women are more flexible. It would be nice to have that done to me again. To be honest my husband is gone helping a friend right now and my p**** is getting wet just thinking about it. I am rubbing my p**** as I write this and I think I need to go get my vibrator.

  • I want your shaven c*** in my mouth

  • I have just f***** my c*** with my biggest dodo, thinking of you. Sara x

  • What ever works for you is best. I'd be happy for my hubby to watch but he is happy with me giving him the details. Sara x

  • Hmmm nice

  • My husband has asked me several times during s** but never said anything about it outside the bedroom. I don't know if it is just dirty talk or if he really wants me to have s** with another guy. I want to but I dont want him judging me or getting mad afterwards.

  • As a guy, I can say I have said the same thing during s*x. I was serious about it,I love the sticky of being second. I miss it... My ex wife before the divorce, she was s******* around. I was working nights, she was h**** and wanted no foreplay. She smelled like c** and was sticky. I freaking loved loved sliding my c*** in her. Its not why We divorced, there was other issues. Find out if its real and set some rules

  • I want to f*** another guy. I just don't want to f*** in front of my husband. I know I would not enjoy myself if my husband was watching. I would be thinking that any minute he would get mad and stop the whole thing. I would rather just f*** someone else and then come home with no questions asked. I don't want to cheat on my husband. I just don't want him there.

  • Sounds good to me, I am happy for my wife to do this and just tell me about it afterwards

  • I would be open to telling him details afterward if I knew he wouldn't get mad. I know he wants to watch though, and I just can't do that. So for now, I just let him talk dirty and tell me how he wants me to f*** another guy as he f**** me.

  • Just do it but don't tell him. The next time he asks you to you Will have your own fantasy,but you will have fulfilled yours.

  • Ask him out side of f****** talk if he is serious about what he is asking you to do during s**. It may just be a sexual fantasy. Do you join in during s** confirming that you want another c*** in your c***. I'd did and he confirmed that he did want it to happen.
    It is a complex arrangement so both of you need to be on board. Sara x

  • I have been married to my husband for 20 years now and this last year has been the first time he has ever said anything about it. Why would he not have said anything in the last 19 years?
    I am also 43 years old and have not had s** with another man the whole time I have been married. I am not even sure I would know how this is done or what to do if he said yes. I don't think he does either.

  • Try it its fun

  • No, I dont join in when he talks. I cannot think of what to say or what he would like for me to say. Like I said, this is not normal talk for him.

  • F-u-c-k me to death!

  • We change over the years, when my hubby suggested this i was shocked but it also mafe me very h****. He was the only man I had f*****.
    He kept on during s** and the one night I said I'd f***** another man that afternoon and his c*** got harder and he pulled out and c** all over my t***. I then told him the truth, he got angry so I agreed to do it and now really enjoy the extra c***

  • As a woman and a wife, I can tell you right now that the majority of wives want to have s** with other men. We just don't want to have s** in front of our husbands. We fantasize about getting f***** by that guy we see all the time, or having our bodies ravished by that hot stranger. But I can assure you that at no time in the fantasy is our husbands there. Sorry guys, it's hot s** but you're not invited.

  • Have you cheated on your husband?

  • I have never told anyone this but yes I have. Early on in our relationship right after we got married I was working for a law firm in our home town. My boss the lawyer was working an important and high paying case. He needed to go out of town to meet with other lawyers that were involved with the case and he asked me go along and assist him. I did and we ended up drunk having s** in his room at 3AM. I let him do things to me that I had never let another man do nor ever will again. That was the only time I ever had s** outside my marriage.

  • What did you let him do to you?

  • I will post a confession with details titled "wild night with the boss". Keep an eye out for it.

  • I agree, my hubby suggested that I f*** others, I got the vibe that he wanted to watch but I put him straight that it wouldn't happen.
    The 1st time I went out and on the way home,as I had had a few wines I was h****. I noticed the cab driver watching me in the mirrors, so I flashed a bit of t**. As we got to the house I directed him to the secluded rear and as we approach I removed my knickers and offered him the knickers or the fare, he chose the knickers and f***** me and I sucked his c*** clean.
    I walked into the house with his large deposit of s**** running down my stockings, I removed them in front of hubby and told him to wash them as I gave him the details. I made him sleep in the spare room and the next morning I went in and f***** him, taking pleasure in telling him I hadn't washed my hairy c*** and made him lick my c*** after.
    I do this once a month

  • My husband for several years would bring this up. Once in a while I would pretend when we had s** telling him that I f***** a coworker or a friend earlier in the day. He would get extra hard in me. He would respond telling me that he likes that I has s** and wished I would. I would continue our fantasy telling him in that I’m a little s*** and just love hard bare c****. I would tell him that I let my lover bare in me earlier and if that’s okay. My husband would say yes and would tell me that my p**** should only experience bare c**** and that any man inside of me should feel the bare wetness of my tight little p****. We would follow the same themes and sometimes talk about the reality of it afterwards or the next morning.

    I’d asked if he was serious about me having s** with others he unequivocally said yes about everything. I then asked about going bare and if someone came in me what he’d think about that. He said he would love if other men came in me and would love to know all the details as he slid into my adulterous p****.

    I love c** and the thought of having c** in me gets me so wet. I haven’t done this yeti but I’m strongly considering it.

  • If he told you he was serious after s** than you can be sure this is what he wants.
    I talk dirty to my wife during s** and ask her to f*** other men. She asked me if I was serious about it after s** and I told her i didn't know for sure. She told me she would have s** with another guy when and if I could ever say I wanted it immediately following s**. I never have been able to say it, so our fantasy remains just that, a fantasy.

  • Wow, I thought I was the only one with that rule. My husband likes to talk dirty during s** and cuckold id one of the topics.
    I told him he had to ask me after he had c** and his d*** was all the way limp. If he could ask me within 2 minutes after then I would think about it.

  • F*** that is h**** as h***

  • Has it effected your relationship with your husband?

  • No he is supportive, bless him. He has erectile issues but in many ways it has helped, especially when I return home after being f*****

  • For me it’s about my wife being confident and able to enjoy some fun with another guy, I am not the jealous type. I have had far more sexual partners than my wife and I want her to experience and enjoy some fun with others. I also want to hear all the details as I think it will enhance our fun in the bedroom 👍

  • Good for you. Sara x

  • I am not looking to be present, just to hear the details after or a text or two leading up to it. I want my wife to have fun and enjoy herself it’s not about me.

  • It should be about both of you.

  • It's not normal. Are you having relationship problems? I only ask because you are cheapening your relationship by thinking about it. When my ex-wife and I had issues, I wanted her to become a hotwife and we tried that. Quite frankly, seeing her with another guy just made me resent her more. Don't do it.

  • I let my wife wear something real slutty one time a buddy of mine stayed over and once everyone was a sleep I had her go to the kitchen to go get something and the couch where he was sleeping in kind of faced the kitchen so he had a perfect view.

    She hesitated at first but then she agreed and did as she entered the kitchen she was a little shocked because he was still awake. So he was shocked and only said Wow! My wife was nervous so she went and got a botitled water and came back to the room.

    So she told me that he saw her and watched her and she got excited from having her watch her. So I told her I'm going to go down there to see what he says and in 5 minutes I want you to go downstairs and suck me off in front of him.. and if he seems to be enjoying the show I want you to go suck his c*** too.

    So she did as I said and we had a great time! She even got both d**** in her at the same time she came so many times and swallowed us both when we came.

  • Not normal, but if it works. I at one point wanted my wife to wear top's that would allow other men to see her chest. We both ended up enjoying it and over time when I was asking her if she would be willing to blow somebody or even have s**, it has taken some time but all fun along the way. Once in a while my wife will blow somebody and so far only had s** once but it was great. good luck

  • So did she blow or have s** with someone while you watched? Or did she do it somewhere else and told you about it?

  • I hear and understand you 100%... My wife is so sexy, young and blonde. I love the idea of her having a boyfriend and being a hotwife. She likes to talk about it but, not sure she ever would try. I have hundreds of fantasis of her being a hotwife... Ugh


  • Maybe you can have her give one of her Co workers a bJ and have her record it or have her call you right before and have you listen in while she swallows his c***

  • Go out with another guy and do what exactly?

  • Pick up other guys and let them poke her in all holes and defacate on her when they are done.

  • Good luck on that. I have had 2 wife's in my life.

    The first was more than willing to be a hotwife, the problem was she also f***** every other guy behind my back when I was at work.

    The second has no interest in being a hotwife, and says if I truly love her I wouldn't want to share her.

  • Your 1st wife slept around because you only have 2". Who could blame her?

  • Ok, I know you are a dumb ass troll looking for a response, but your comment is f****** stupid just like you.
    First off, 2" of What? You failed to finish your assumption statement.
    Second, you ended the second part of your statement with a question mark. You're not asking a question, you're making a statement.
    Now, go back to school and try to pay attention in class before you flunk out and mommy ends up raising your retarded ass for the rest of you pitiful life.

  • I feel the same way man

  • Hmmm lovely

  • I wouldn't say normal but some of us like it. My wife of 20yrs f***** her 1st a couple of months ago when she was on a girl's long weekend in Spain.
    I instigated this by putting a sack of 12 condoms in her case with a note "enjoy yourself" she clearly did as 8 were missing on her return.
    She had multiple love bites on her t*** and she gave me the details as I f***** her.
    Since then she has f***** two other men. I love it

  • You should share some of those details with us?

  • Well she told me on the first night, they went out and a group of men latched on to them. One targeted my wife and after a few drinks they went for a walk on the beach and he told her if they passed a stone barrier, it became a nudist beach. She crossed the barrier and began disrobing as she walked, ending up naked, in the dunes she was naked he fully clothed, she knelt and got his c*** out and was sucking him off when two other men appeared nude and began wanking. She sucked all of their c**** and one got behind her and raised her a*** and f***** her as she sucked the others off. When he had spanked up her the others took their turn. She had forgotten the condoms, so had a large amount of s**** in her mouth and c***.
    She went back three more evenings, one night there was another woman and she had her 1st lesbian s** as well as 4 c****.

  • More fiction?

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