I want to change my race so bad!

My race has been a pain in my ass for years...s******* this up , making many parts of major cities a h***. Many are intelligent but then again many are dumber then a sack of bricks. I have come to separate my people in two ways:

African Americans, and "N*****".
I tried to befriend n***** and it always has become a hostile environment where I have to "prove" myself worthy of there grace. S**** that!

And black people (African Americans) act like the ignorance and foolishness isn't an issue. Even when they are killing each other. Or worse....children. little black boys and little black girls being bystanders and shot...or even involved.

But no...no let's not speak about this...lets act "normal". F*** that...i want to bleach the h*** out of my skin and change all my features! And go live in solitude somewhere!!!

N***** disgrace Malcom X and Martin Luther king with there ignorance. Fredrick Douglas would turn in his grave...they fought and died so you can do this?

Even the slaves were smarter and had more common sense then most n*****, and black people now these, days.

Ps: f*** grammar I'm venting

God that felt good to get off my chest...



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  • Actually it doesn't matter what race you are. There are dumb people who cause problems of all ethnic backgrounds. Race has nothing to do with it, but blacks wouldn't look as bad if they wouldn't tell each other they are all owed something from the white man.

  • Just dumbass. so stupid.

  • I know, right! F****** n*****.

  • Martin x is a cartoon character like the "dear david" and "Buzbees" stories.

  • BUZBEES "dear david" is in the dam and kaz lunch shop ghosty-toasties!

  • Dam works for BUZBEES?

  • "Change your race"??? WTF?

  • Wow, what bought this on? sounds like the dammed.

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