The nephew dare

While vacationing my wife and I stayed at her cousin’s house. They were a family of 3 with a 18 years old son and had a 4 bedroom house. Her cousin and wife was out of town but told her son to show us around.

We stayed at the same floor as them and our room was just down the hall. When we have s** at night time we would see her nephew peeping in because we would have 1 light on. The first three time my wife would cover up and stop having s** with me.

After a week we knew it wasn’t going to stop him from looking because my wife has a pretty decent body. So we decide just to continue having s** normally. Although she is 36 years old, 5’2 and 115 lbs she had a 34C size t***.

I manage to get my wife to tease him more by showing off her body and asking to spread her p**** while fingering herself when she gives me a b******.

One night after being out and feeling buzzed but really h****. I dared her to pretend to be drunk and sleep naked to see if he dares to come in and f*** her.

She was betting on he wouldn’t and if I lost the bet I would let her kick my b**** so I agreed knowing that I would likely win.

I told my wife to pretend being completely drunk and I would carry her in because we saw her nephew watching T.V from the windows outside. Her nephew help me to carry her in while he his hands all over her.

We made it upstairs and she starting to taking her clothes off. He quickly left the room and said he was going to bed. About 20 minutes pass I heard our door was opening.

He was shocked to see her naked and just laying there. He slowly approach our bed and starting touching her t***. Then he starting sucking her t*** and had his hands down her p**** and fingering her. He thought that she was so drunk he can do anything he wanted to and she will never know.

He took out his c*** and put it on her mouth while moving back and forth. She was surprised by how big he was and that he was so young so that made her so h****. She starting to suck his d*** and he starting fingering her harder.

After about 10 minutes he couldn’t resist and went on top of her and starting f****** her without even putting on a condom. He was f****** her and sucking on her t*** for about 15 minutes then she opened up her eyes and looked at him.

He stopped and she just told him to just continue what he started. I quickly open my eyes and starting to smile and shoved my c*** into my wife’s mouth while she was getting f*****.

During our last week of our stay, my wife got f***** by the 2 of use all week. I left her enjoyed a fresh and young c*** since she has always wanted to try one

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  • Another BS story. I could tell the moment it said something about getting kicked in the b****.

  • Nice story. Made my d*** start erecting.

  • Did you even think about this story before you told it? I mean if you are going to write bullshit at least think about it first. You can't know he was shocked to see your wife. You also can't know what went on from downstairs.

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