I am a Christian

I am a Christian and I know this is not a full confession like it is supposed to be but I want to let you guys know. Read the bible. Pray. Go to church. Listen. Take notes on church. Don't hang with people who are bad influences without a strong christlike foundation. dont swear. Dont cuss. dress appropriatly. Don't cheat on your wife or girlfriend and be loyal to them. Follow the ten commandments. it sounds like a lot but honestly, it isn't,

Please. Just read the bible and let it influence your life. Show it to your friends and read it again and again. I'm praying for all of you.

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  • The best cure for Christianity is reading the bible.

  • ...just another poor sad delusionally deficient individual... Living on the crumbs of hope. Any chance of free beer or b*******??

  • That -read the Bible - isn't telling us which one. Or which ones?

    I think that comment can be more counter productive than you realize.

  • Wow never heard of that before. You just changed my life....said no one

  • I'll pray for you too. Remember, only god can judge us. You aren't god and you aren't without sin. So don't pretend you're!

  • Nothing he wrote suggested he's judging or thinks he's God. He was just pointing in a direction that's different than the one the world is going in. Good on him.

  • I'll pray for you too :)

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