Im Ava.. im 14 and really...really into ddlg. if you look up ddlg and go to images you'll find all these cute little dialogues. I really want a daddy that's not just interested in s**..(some is totally cool w me). pls have some experience. yeah?

email me :



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  • To all the Pedophiles,
    It's a trap!

  • Fake and gay

  • Atrocious grammar!

  • If she is a child and fourteen. Then she should not even be on here and needs a good ass spanking from her mom..

  • No. Go away. Go home. Go.

  • I hope this is not little girl who sent orignal post..

  • #entrapment

  • Get off this post little girl and go studie hard. I hope your mommy and daddy find out and bare and blister your bottom like I do our girls. Your a little girl and will be taken advantage off here. Now please go away from here honey and be careful. Huggs from concernd mom xxxxxx

  • Add me on Snapchat. Andyc2104

  • You did see her age. Shes a little girl and im a mother off three daughters and bought my husband would tann her little bare bum if she was our child and my husband would kick your sorry ass for looking to hook up with a little girl. Shes only a baby and you little girl who sent post please stay away from places like this honey. Because you will be hurt by people who want take advandage of you sweetie. Huggs from mom off three hun xxxxx

  • ....stupid...........its all just make-believe.................

  • No harm done I guess. But I would certainey ware any off my daughters bottoms out if caught them talking like that..

  • Shes 14 years old..

  • Were you live sweetie..

  • #fakenews

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