I am man

I am a man, yet i so deeply desire gay s**. SICK!!! I am married, have kids, great career, money, everything that everyone else wants.... but for some f***** up sick reason, i want to feel a huge c*** pumping in and out of my ass. I want to feel him c** inside of me, and i want to experience everything that goes with it.... f***, the problem is that i really dont want to be a f**.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • The fact is, you ARE a f**.
    Get over it.

  • get your wife a strap on, or some s***.
    You wouldn't be able to feel any one c** inside you ever,
    so it won't really matter.
    Jsut pretend,

  • Just buy a d**** and shut the f*** up.

  • ^^^^ agreed
    you'd be surprised how many men, married and single, want this too but are too afraid of the stigma

  • You just don't want to be associated with the gay stigma. Welcome to some peoples world.

    Start with a d****. See if you can actually get anything up there.

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