Real Doll relationship

I know some people may find this kind of relationship odd but growing up i wasnt listened to and told everything i thought was stupid, so i ordered a beautiful real doll and it cost a god dam* fortune but its Worth every dime shes always there and 'listens' to everything i have to say and doesnt think my ideas are dumb and i get to have s** with her anytime i want and and Yes we do sleep together; No im not Nuts think of it this way it beats getting rejected by a woman and the perfect relationship if you dont wanna get married and I dont feel lonely anymore, im sure there are guys like me out there that are the same way and feel the same way. -rob

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  • This is sad because you chose a doll because you don't feel like anyone listens to you and you obviously have a fear of rejection but at the same time I'm happy your happy. I understand what your saying. As a woman, I have no issues with a guy in a relationship with a real doll. This is very common nowadays. I hope your happy together :-)

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