Stuck with my boyfriend's brother

My boyfriend is locked up and he been in there since 2010 suppose to touchdown in 2019. We went together in Jr high but we broke up because he was cheating on me with girls dat didn't like me and all of a sudden after the break up he was nowhere to be found for sum years. But then I found him again on FB and noticed he was locked up so we just caught up on things and the more we talked the more we fell in love with eachother again and once we fell in love and told our feelings to eachother and wat we expect out each other and dat we don't want to be hurt again and all dat we told each other wat happened in past relationships and agreed dat we would not hurt each other in no kind of way and I begged him not to hurt me cuz of wat I been through and he promised sweared and all buuuuuut! I started noticing that he was telling otha femalez the same thing also...he claimed he didn't talk to nobody but da whole time was talking to different femalez having s** with the guards in the prison hiding things on his Facebook so dat I couldn't see it and kept on doing it but at da same time making me think he love me to pieces. We both got each other names tatted on our ring finger and all but dat didn't stop da fact dat he was doin stuff behind my back I would call and he would ignore and say his cellmates had his phone just made up alot of excuses he actually got into fights with otha dudes over the guards he was having s** I had enough of it and I was in rage and doin that time of not talking to him his brother hit me up out da blue to chill wit him making it seem like he just wanted to get to Kno me as his sister n law so we chilled and started drinking of course but da whole time we was talking bout his brother and how much I loved him and wanted to make things right then...I felt da liquor kicking in I felt weak and sleepy then next thing I know I'm laying cross da bed and his brother rubs my back then next all over and I'm telling him no I can't do this I love yo brother too much I can't and then I started thinking bout all da stuff he did and got angry all over again then I just gave in to him and to make this story short I haven't been able to get away from him yet I feel stuck and yes I told him that I slept with his brother cuz I felt wrong about it but at da same time I was hurt because of wat he did to me but I apologized but it's no forgiveness watsoever but I have to live with this and I hate lying so I had to real and tell him the truth I pray dat everyday I am forgivin for this and I see myself goin to h*** because of this but I really don't Kno wat to do now cuz now I love his brother and his brother been taking care me and my child and no my child is not his or his brother I was pregnant when me and the brother dat is locked up started BK talking my son father is dead..he died before I could tell him I was carrying our child but I Idont wanna get emotional so BK to the story ...I'm still currently dealing with his brother all because it's love there and his brother is crazy bout me so that's why I feel I'm stuck! I might get alot of negativity from this but it's welcomed everybody have their opinions and how dey look at things but u never really Kno how to feel unless u're in da person shoes!

Dec 4, 2017

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  • That's a beautiful story, thank you!

  • Blah blah blah blah.....

  • Yeeeeeea blaah blaah blaaaaaaah

  • Where did you say you were from?

  • Why

  • Don't feel bad. Being a human is hard, it's hard to know what to do sometimes


  • I know how to feel about your typing.


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