We failed as a whole

Humanity failed, we have descended to the lowest of the low and we aren't coming back.

Love was the answer but we have instead replaced it with l***, debauchery/degeneracy.

Women were the hope for love but now men have ensured that won't happen.

Prepare for the fall of all humankind. I guarantee it it is coming.

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  • I could really use some more debauchery.

  • You are already the definition of debauchery, panty-sniffer.

  • ^^^^^^ Said the paedophile ^^^^^^

  • God Bless us All

  • If he had or was willing to, we wouldn't be having this conversation. If your all-powerful sky daddy loves us all so much, why is this such a crapsack world? It's been 2000 years and you bible-beaters have no answer to that except crank up the volume like tired toddlers. Go "bless" yourself somewhere else, preferably downwind.

  • Awww, does Religious Liberty always make you soil your pink thong? Do you use your agnostic/atheism to justify your pedophilia?

  • Humanity failed because people are f****** stupid. People believe EVERY f****** thing someone tells them even if it's bullshit. They will hand over their last dollar to some guy they believe is homeless just because he's sitting on the corner in some old clothes holding a sign. Truth be told that homeless guy probably drives a brand-new BMW paid in full from people that gave him money. People believe emails and scams they read and willingly give over their credit card numbers everyday.

    And that is why humanity has failed, it has nothing to do with love, or women, or men. It's stupid people who are dumber than s***.

  • The downfall of humanity didn't evolve from homeless people, email spam, internet and credit card fraud. You're in my opinion accurate about one thing, people do believe crap! How much of prejudice, religious biases, greed, power, racism, sexism and so forth evolved from people's ignorant opinions and erupted nationally/globally like a plague - from what some people believed? It's evidence is presented throughout Centuries of history. It's pathetic how easily the masses conformed, allowing these things to happen, it truly is.

    Humanity is a failure, but animals are not. Humans are animals as well, the top in the Animal Kingdom because of our abilities and capabilities to evolve, create and so forth. But we aren't better than the other animals lower in hierarchy in the animal kingdom. To be honest, we're less unique than they're. It's an illusion how we think we're better.

  • I was only using homeless people, scammers, and fraud as an example. You are correct, it has been going on from the beginning of time.

  • It's beyond depleting :(

  • You right.

  • And you know this how? You sexist pig.

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