Ive been vegan for 5 years. I've been married for two. I'm 4 months pregnant and five minutes ago I ate a burger. Now I'm eating pork rinds and nachos with real cheese. I'm drinking whole milk too. My husband is vegan also and doesn't want me to overeat or get fat during my pregancy. But I've been craving dairy so much. I hate myself for this.

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  • LOL, I used to get out of blowing my boyfriends by telling them I was a vegan.
    But now, I'd rather give a b******* than f***.

  • me 2. I am 6 months and my husband keeps saying I'm fat and I am eating meat. but finaly last night I told him that what I crave is because the baby and I are needing more protine and what not. just let him know that.

  • how do i say this um.... oh ya LOSER!

  • f*** being a vegan. vegans are gay. eat all the meat you want!!!

  • Exactly. Tell your husband to mind his own business when it comes to the baby. You need double the protein, calories, lots of minerals. Go for whatever your cravings require. It could be a once in a life time thing so whoopity doo. Vegan isn't like virginity. You don't lose it by having a steak dinner.

  • Congrats on the baby! Your eating for two...chow down.

    a cheeseburger won't kill you!

  • its natural to have cravings and he's an ass for telling you not to get fat or overeat during your pregnancy. don't listen to that crap

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